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Types, Tips, and Tactics of Visual Marketing


From images to videos, infographics, and presentations, the popularity and unprecedented usage of visuals have resulted in a social media era that rewards creativity. A picture may still be worth a thousand words, but memes, quotes, cartoons, and animated GIFs can breathe new life and context into a photo’s storytelling capabilities. Even videos, which continue to delight, entertain, and inform, are evolving with consumers’ attention spans, whether it’s 6 seconds on Vine or 15 seconds on Instagram. Infographics have risen as a valuable tool to communicate stats and the results of research studies.

Types of Visual Content

Presentations cater to the vast majority of visual learners and are proven to captivate attention when delving deeper into a given topic. What follows are some types of visual content that marketers might want to pay attention to.


With the ability to captivate, inspire, motivate, delight, or humor, there are numerous reasons why more than 500 million photos are uploaded and shared every day on average—a number that is projected to double in the next year.2 The prevalence of smartphones, coupled with the ease of sharing via social media, has resulted in a culture in which photos are celebrated and in some cases, required.

In pop culture, pictures have become so important to consumers that the Urban Dictionary now contains the saying “Pics or it didn’t happen,” meaning that if something really cool or crazy happens to you and it wasn’t captured in a photo, your friends may not believe it’s true.

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