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Types of Images Used for Visual Storytelling


In many ways, photography is like a blank canvas. Any moment can turn into a photo opportunity, with the beauty in the eye of the photographer. The photos people take and share across social media platforms showcase how they see and experience their lives, what’s important to them, and what they believe is share worthy with friends and family. For companies looking to amplify their visual storytelling efforts, photographs offer a good starting point. The concept of well-composed photos is nothing new to companies— it’s something they’ve been sourcing for their websites, advertisements, retail locations, and for the news media for a long time.

Company values and offerings

What’s new, though, is the concept of social media–friendly images that drive an immediate response. With professional images, techniques like retouching, food styling, set design, and lighting are commonplace. However, with social media, people are looking for images to be realistic and in line with company values and offerings. By retouching how a model looks in a dress or styling a sandwich to be larger than it really is, you run the risk of generating customer complaints and distrust in your products. Take Trip Advisor, for example, which allows members to post images of their hotel stays.

Graphs and drawings

In some cases, when you market a highly technical product, graphs and visualizations may be a better way to go. Some people respond better to charts, graphs, numbers, and visual frameworks. Sometimes putting the concept you are trying to communicate into an easy-to-digest visual framework might make the message you are delivering not only easier to understand but also easier to share with others

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