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Are You Doing SEO For a Website?

The focus of SEO is on the keywords your customer’s type into the search bar. Keywords fall into two main buckets: product and informational. If your eCommerce website sells tennis shoes, you need to optimize your pages around both kinds of keywords. Here are some tips to maximize your SEO efforts. Keep in mind that not all keywords are equally valuable. If you’re unsure what keywords to target, you can ask a team member to help you. In time you’ll learn more.


If you are new to SEO, you may be wondering what the best way to start. If so, you have come to the right place. SEO is a combination of various techniques that can be used to boost your website’s search engine rankings. However, before you begin optimizing your website, it is important to understand the fundamentals of SEO. This article provides a detailed overview of the basics of SEO.

Getting a team member to do SEO

If you’re trying to build a team to do SEO for your website, you’ll want to consider hiring a professional SEO analyst. This person will report to the company’s marketing, development, or design teams. As an SEO analyst, this person’s job touches nearly every aspect of the business. Moreover, they won’t be subject to frequent department reorganizations. This means that they’ll have some level of management liberty, but will still be able to contribute cross-functionally.

In addition to hiring an SEO specialist, you can also hire an agency. An SEO agency can provide a fresh perspective on SEO strategies, as they’ve worked with many clients. An agency’s professionals are also familiar with many different platforms, tools, and latest marketing methodologies. They may have a better understanding of which channels will yield the best results. This way, your business can reap the most benefit from your SEO investment.

The first step in hiring a SEO professional is to determine the type of technical skill that each team member has. Some teams specialize in one area of SEO, while others specialize in another. A good SEO team is made up of individuals with the right mix of skills, including content, analytics, and digital PR. Weekly meetings and SEO tools should be established to ensure that everyone is aligned with the goals of the project.

Getting help from a team member

When working on an SEO strategy, it is often best to get help from a team member. SEO is notoriously hard to measure, which means the head of the team will have to convince a panel of business executives that their efforts are making the company money. This team member should be an expert in statistics or data science so that they can accurately determine how much money SEO is bringing in for the company.

The team should also work closely with the UX team to ensure that the website is easy to use and intuitive for visitors. The goal is to create a user-friendly experience from the need to purchase. SEO and UX teams should work hand-in-hand to develop template design, loop in content marketing, and design infographics. A technical SEO will also provide insight into competitor research and search volume.


The Technical SEO Lead is the person in charge of the technical aspects of the SEO of a website. They will keep track of website maintenance and make sure the website is optimized for the keywords. Content writing is another important part of SEO, and the team member responsible for creating it will report to the Technical SEO Lead. Once a content writer has the necessary skills, they will be able to make a better job of optimizing a site’s content for search engines.

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