Top 5 Scholarship To Study In Sweden

Sweden is one of the best countries for foreign students to study. Due to the diversity in cultures, there is a strong sense of equality and cooperation in the country. The country has an overall progressive attitude and an open environment that nurtures the students to explore and hone their skills and talents. Moreover, Swedish universities have the best infrastructure in the world. Due to all these reasons, students are very keen to study in Sweden.

Below are the top 5 scholarships in Sweden for you to check out.

1. Visby Scholarship

Scholarship amount – Monthly SEK 9,000 + airfare SEK 5,000 + health insurance + full tuition waiver

Eligible degree – Master’s

Students from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine are eligible and welcome to apply for this scholarship. Applicable students get to pick from 600 master’s programs, although priority is given to students pursuing environmental and social sustainability and responsibility and sustainable economic growth. You also need to have relevant work experience, either full-time or part-time work, to study in Sweden with a scholarship. For more details, visit the scholarship

2. Lund University Global Scholarship Programme

Scholarship amount – Full or partial tuition waiver

Eligible degree – Bachelor’s, Master’s

It is a competitive merit-based scholarship awarded to students outside EU and EEA countries. To apply for the scholarship, you must have the capacity to meet the living expenses in Sweden. You also need to focus on the 600-word motivational essay that explains why you deserve a scholarship and how you will make the best use of it. For more information, visit the

3. Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals

Scholarship amount – Monthly SEK 10,000, full tuition waiver, airfare of SEK 15,000, and health insurance

Eligible degree – Master’s

The Swedish Institute is a government agency that aims to offer 300 scholarships to qualified international master’s students and offers them an opportunity to study at Swedish higher institutions and universities. To qualify, you must have a minimum of 3000 hours of work experience from one to three companies where you showcase your leadership skills. Moreover, you must also be accepted to a master’s program in any of the Swedish Universities. This is one of the most sought-after scholarships to study in Sweden. Visit the and check which countries’ citizens are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

4. The Jönköping University Scholarship

Scholarship amount – 30% of the tuition fees

Eligible degree – Bachelor’s, Master’s

Jönköping University offers scholarships to individuals that exhibit excellent academic performance in their bachelor’s and master’s degrees. To qualify, Jönköping University should be your first option on your list of Swedish Universities. The financial aid can only be maintained as long as you maintain good academic standing throughout your stay at Jönköping University. If you change your program or move to another University, then your scholarship will be disqualified. Moreover, your scholarship can also get disqualified if you get suspended or are not able to pay the remaining fees.

5. Halmstad University Scholarships

Scholarship amount – 25% or 50% tuition fee waive

Eligible degree – Master’

Halmstad University is considered one of the top Swedish institutions offering scholarships to international students outside the EU, EEA, or Switzerland. If the student performs consistently well academically, then financial assistance is provided for two to four semesters.

To apply for scholarships in Sweden, don’t forget to put in an application for a master’s program at the University. Students who make Halmstad their first choice are usually prioritised.

The bottom line is that Sweden is becoming popular as one of the education hubs in Europe. If you wish to study and live in one of the most sustainable countries in the world, then it is time to apply for scholarships in Sweden. Check all your scholarship requirements and prepare for the ones that meet your interests and needs duysnews

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