Diploma In Advertising and Marketing Full Course Details 2022-23

In this modern era, advertising and marketing are not confined to television, radios, or billboards. Today, the competition for selling a product or service has increased so much that companies or big brands are advertising their product in every possible way. Additionally, advertising and marketing are growing exponentially in the country. So, there are huge employment opportunities in this field. And this article will help you to know about Diploma In Advertising and Marketing Full Course Details.

Diploma courses help us to gain a practical and efficient understanding of the advertising and marketing industry. So, opt for an advertising and marketing diploma course after completing your bachelor’s or master’s degree courses in this field.

So, further, you get to know the diploma courses in advertising and marketing. Also, you will get to know about the advantages and job opportunities of the advertising and marketing industry.

What Is a Diploma In Advertising and Marketing?

An advertising and marketing course focuses on providing technical rather than theoretical knowledge to the students. Also, this field requires creativity and imagination to have a prosperous career. Therefore, an advertising and marketing diploma equips students with all the minuscule comprehension of this field.

Hence, students get to learn about the skills such as presentational skills, communications skills, public speaking, creativity skills, management skills, marketing skills, and various other skills that are essential for getting a job in the field of advertising and marketing.

Additionally, students can enrol in advertising and marketing diplomas after their 12th, undergrad, or postgraduate degree. So, you can apply to any UGC-approved college/institute that offers a diploma in this field. Besides that, students can also complete their graduation degree in one year to pursue an advertising and marketing course.

Duration of the Diploma Program in Advertising and Marketing

The duration of this program varies as per the course students opt for. Hence, below is a list of the time duration of the advertising and marketing diploma:

  • If you pursue certificates in advertising and marketing, it can take from 3 months to 1 year.
  • The duration of online certificates of advertising and marking can be a few hours or days to six months.
  • The graduate-level for advertising and marketing diploma course takes one year to two years Result.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to Pursue an Advertising and Marketing Course?

Students can enrol in diploma courses at various levels. So below are listed the eligibility parameters to enrol in this program:

  • To pursue a diploma in this field, students have to complete their 10+2 from any government-recognized board.
  • Students that want to complete a PG diploma in advertising and marketing have to complete their bachelor’s degree in this discipline or any other equivalent course from a UGC accredited institute.
  • Also, students have to gain a minimal percentile as per the college’s eligibility parameters.

What is the Curriculum for the Diploma in Advertising and Marketing?

The curriculum of advertising and marketing course consists of the subjects that are as follows:

  • Introduction to Marketing Principles and Concepts
  • Product and Corporate Branding
  • Creative Development Process
  • Advertising Campaign and Strategy
  • Direct Marketing Marketing Research
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Understanding the Advertising Industry
  • Media Planning and Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Communication
  • Computer and Creative Designing Skill
  • Public Relation and Client Servicing Copywriting, etc.

Can I Complete an Advertising and Marketing Diploma Course with Online Mode?

Yes, there are plenty of UGC-DEB institutes that offer students Diploma courses in advertising and marketing in online mode. Students can also complete their graduation degree in one year by enrolling in one sitting degree program.

What Are Some Online Certificates in Advertising and Marketing?

There are various types of short-term online certificates in advertising and marketing on various platforms that students can join to enhance their knowledge of the field. Hence, below are some of the online certificates that students can pursue:

  • Facebook Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate
  • The Complete MailChimp Email Marketing Course
  • Digital Advertising Strategy Specialization
  • Content Marketing Institute Online Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies
  • Complete Facebook Ads & Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Certifications
  • OMCP Digital Marketing MBA Certification, amongst others.

Besides that, there are various other online certificates in this field. Also, there are some online platforms that offer free online certificates to students.

What are the Career Opportunities After Completing the Advertising and Marketing Course?

The field of advertising and marketing is so huge. Therefore, you can get many job prospects once you attain a diploma in advertising and marketing. 

So, below are noted some of the job profiles that students can get after completing this course:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Strategic Marketing Manager
  • Key Account Executive
  • Corporate Trainee
  • Event planner.
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Production coordinator
  • Creative director
  • Event Manager, and various others.

Additionally, some of the areas of employment are as follows:

  • Marketing Management
  • Training 
  • Consulting
  • Media
  • Sales
  • Education
  • Digital marketing, etc.

Why Should I Pursue a Diploma in Advertising and Marketing?

Some of the advantages of the advertising and marketing diploma program are as follows:

  • This field is advantageous for candidates that are creative and full of new ideas.
  • The Diploma in advertising and marketing imparts students with the core technical concepts of the marketing field.
  • Completing an advertising and marketing course after 12th/graduation increases the chances of getting a lucrative job profile in the advertising and marketing field.
  • There is a huge demand for employees in the fields of marketing and advertising.


Students that are creative and imaginative have a good chance of getting a worthwhile career in this field. Also, diploma programs help students develop their creative skills to attain expertise in this field.

So, students that want to make a career in the field of advertising and marketing can opt for this course. Additionally, students can enrol in an advertising and marketing course after completing their 10+2 and, subsequently, their graduation degree. I hope this article is sufficiently helpful to know about Advertising and Marketing Full Course Details.

There are many UGC-approved institutes/colleges that offer this diploma program. Also, students can complete some of the free online certificates in advertising and marketing on various online platforms.

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