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Real-Time Marketing in a Visual World


Y our brand is turning 100 years old, and you want to celebrate. You also want to show that your brand is just as relevant to its customers as it has always been, but how do you make the centenary commemoration strike a chord with a younger, more tech-aware audience? The classic cookie producer Oreo managed to achieve all of this—and to win new fans in the process. In 2012, over 100 days—one for each year of the brand’s history— Oreo’s creative team crafted an image that reflected one of the day’s trending news stories.

Anticipated in advance

This example of a brand’s agility, on-the-fly thinking, and in a lot of cases, fast response showcases what has recently been referred to as real-time marketing, agile marketing, on-the-fly marketing, or real-time social response. Oreo listened to what was important to its audience, and 177within hours the creative team put together a visual that showed Oreo’s take on it. Of course, some events could have been anticipated in advance, such as a holiday or a film release, but others such as a Loch Ness Monster photo hitting the news or five gold medals won in a day at the Olympics were created in response to the current events that were important to Oreo’s audience.

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Picture behind the scenes at a brand such as Oreo that has integrated real-time marketing into its strategy: marketing departments flexible enough to respond to events as they happen and tailor their marketing accordingly; to monitor customer opinion and tweak campaigns in the light of it; to make product decisions based on data collected minute by minute; to be able to put together an accurate picture of how products and campaigns are received—not just with sales figures but with accurate social media data from actual or potential customers.

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