Working with Legacy and External Dependencies


In many organizations, there are likely to be systems outside the scope of what you’re responsible for. This could be an off-the-shelf or SaaS system bought by your organization or a project managed by another team. You need to capture these dependencies so you know how your system interacts with them. It’s important to remember that although you’re likely to have less influence over these external dependencies, they are not set in stone, and you can request that the people that own these make changes. If you’re having to ask for lots of changes, perhaps this component should actually belong to your team, in order to reduce the risk of introducing blockers.

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Assist in decommissioning

If these systems are legacy, or are a dependency for a number of components within your system, it can be helpful to insert a facade or an abstraction layer between it and you. Especially if a system is legacy, introducing a new interface can assist in decommissioning it, as this interface can be changed to abstract away a replacement service without having to update all the clients that depend on the legacy component. This is known as the strangler pattern.

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When designing your system, it’s important to understand any non-digital components that might exist in it, and how any interactions they have—for example, printing out dispatch labels, or shipping a physical product.

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You may not be responsible for building these, but it’s important to ensure that the design of any physical processes fits in with your architecture in order to avoid painful integrations later.

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Ultimately, you should be able to trace every interaction with a user, data, and response to an action that is generated through the entire system, including its real-world components.

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