What is ‘White Label’ for business accounts in social networks?

CONTENIVE offers high-quality, fully automated content with many convenient features that any business with its own brand needs. tinyzonetv

Often business owners have experienced inconveniences when working with automated services, such as posting on behalf of the application or unnecessary references to an auxiliary service. CONTENIVE has important features in the general category for these kinds of businesses: “White label”.

What does the “White label” feature include?

Any content published in the client’s accounts will be “transparent,” making the content perceived as the client’s entire property. Also, there is an option to post under your brand, and the business owner can share the following material:

  • Images.
  • Logos.
  • Fonts.

Thus, all the posts ordered by the client will be published under his branded material without unnecessary references.

Posting platforms.

Great! The white label is there, but where does it all get published? CONTENIVE lists these social networks:

  • Facebook.

One of the most versatile platforms, where almost any category of posting looks good. The feature includes four posts per week.

  • Instagram.

This platform is the best option to exactly show yourself and your brand, as well as helps with gathering a significant audience. The feature includes 4 posts per week.

  • LinkedIn.

An extremely convenient platform for creating a strong connection with your audience. The feature includes four posts per week.

  • Twitter.

A good place to keep frequent contact with your audience. The feature includes 8 posts per week.

  • Google My Business.

A handy platform for business designation, where you can provide an address and read the audience’s opinions. The feature includes 2 posts per week.

Since CONTENIVE never stands still, the number of social networks may increase, but until then, there are the most basic but no less essential platforms.

What other features are available in CONTENIVE?

All of the CONTENIVE functionality that the client interacts with is mostly focused on viewing the process and progress of their social media accounts  anonig

  • Content Plan.

After content is written by copywriters and processed by graphic designers, all publications go to the content plan, where the client can view them before or after publication.

  • Statistics.

CONTENIVE has detailed statistics in which you can observe the number of likes, frequency of attendance of accounts, comments, reposts, the growth rate of popularity, and assess the account’s growth and decline in popularity.

It may seem that there are not enough functions, but CONTENIVE manages all the work. Customers need not do anything else, and monitoring the progress of their accounts is also optional.

What does CONTENIVE finally offer its users?

A quality web tool that fully automates the work in social media accounts. A staff of professionals from various sectors, with artificial intelligence, can determine the right posting strategy for maximum effect, and then write the right number of quality publications, considering all the client’s needs and conditions, from the brand to the manner of writing.

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