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Website analytics uses information your visitors volunteer


It’s important to note here that there’s nothing underhanded about tracking and analyzing website statistics. All we’re doing is looking at the information that’s readily volunteered by the user or the user’s browser. There’s no magic ‘voodoo’ or underhanded cyber espionage going on here. We’re simply collecting the information that’s routinely recorded when a visitor comes to our website and then using analytics software to aggregate it and present it in a format that lets us view trends and make informed decisions. There are two main ways of collecting information about your website visitors

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Web server log files

Every time your web server receives a request for a resource (a file) on your website it stores details of that request in its server access logs. What exactly is recorded depends on a variety of factors, including the way the server itself is set up, the format of the log files it produces and the settings of the user’s browser. You can analyze the web access logs created by your own web server or you can embed some code.

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From this information, website analytics software can derive a host of useful information. For example, from the IP address it can determine where in the world the user is browsing from; the referring URL can tell it whether the user entered the site directly, was referred from a link on another site or came from a search engine and, if so, what search.

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