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A few weeks ago we explained in our blog post how you can successfully win customers with the help of Facebook marketing and thus boost sales in your online shop. Nowadays, however, it is no longer enough to only be active on one social media channel, but rather has to maximize the touch points with your customers. Instagram has now become an indispensable marketing channel with over 1 billion monthly users, which is used and valued by more and more companies. In this post we will explain why it has become so important and how you can successfully ganar seguidores en Instagram.

Gain followers and generate more sales

For several years, bloggers have been using Instagram to build their reach and drive readers to their website. When companies recognized how the so-called “influencers” were achieving greater and greater success and the number of users of the network continued to grow rapidly, they became aware of the channel. At least since advertisements could be placed on Instagram, many business people have recognized the potential that the platform holds in it.

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Thanks to the targeted customer approach, you can gain many followers for your account in the long term and thus successfully increase the sales of your shop. With these 5 tips on how to use Instagram correctly, we want to help you get the most out of the app and promote your business growth.

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Post regularly

Many entrepreneurs wonder how often you have to upload content to Instagram in order to successfully gain followers. Compared to Facebook, a higher frequency is required here – it should be at least two posts a day. This gives you a better chance of interacting with and involving your customers. The same applies here as on Facebook: More engagement in the posts leads to a greater reach.

Visually appealing photos

While Facebook is valued by users primarily for its informative content, Instagram often serves as a source of inspiration. The visual aspect of the images is of great importance. The style of the photos should be consistent and run like a red thread through the account. The correct use of filters plays an important role when uploading the content. Studies have shown that some filters are better suited than others to get the customer involved. If you do without it, you can also score with it, as it makes you look authentic. On easygetinnta you can see which filters are currently particularly popular.

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Know the best time to post on Instagram

Similar to Facebook, the time of the post is an important factor in order to achieve an attractive reach and to be seen by as many potential customers as possible. Experts recommend uploading pictures at lunchtime (11: 00-13: 00) or in the evening after work (7: 00-21: 00). However, certain accounts that always posts at the same time show that this strategy can also be successful, although it is outside of these limits. As is so often the case, choosing the right strategy also depends on your target audience. In order to be able to easily plan posts in advance, you can use various tools that will help you.

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With the right use of Instagram, you can strengthen your brand, attract customers and improve loyalty to them. These factors contribute to the fact that more traffic can be directed to your website and more people buy from you in the store and your sales increase. In addition to the tips mentioned, there are also countless other helpful tools to successfully build a follower base. The most important thing, however, is, as is so often the case, to provide content that is relevant to the customer, to be authentic and to market a good product.

In addition to Instagram, TikTok is also one of those platforms whose relevance in e-commerce is increasing. While TikTok has already “hit” in China, it is new territory for many brands in Europe. So take your chance.

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