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The Importance of Agile Marketing and Social Data


Two things we can take away from Oreo’s ability to produce clever content around current events are relevance and creativity. But a good RTM strategy doesn’t have to mean a constant rush to produce content in response to events. That can give a negative, knee-jerk appearance to your marketing. The best strategies mix real-time marketing into a carefully planned media campaign schedule. This means that RTM techniques can be used to tweak a campaign either in response to a changing mood before it is aired or as the campaign progresses by monitoring the public’s reception to it.

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 Encourage conversations

The audience will very likely never realize this more subtle approach is even happening, but timeliness, speed, and creativity will be just as important. Real-time marketing content should support the wider marketing strategies of the brand, perhaps continuing a theme that has been prominent in its advertising, or it should encourage conversations around the new product lines or, better yet, the customers’ needs. Departments need to be agile enough to react to situations that call for good, creative content, but they should not neglect their priorities in order to join in every conversation.

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It is easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of social data out there, but good agile marketing works when departments remain focused on their priorities. Companies shouldn’t let their marketing strategy be swamped by gimmicky reactions to events, but good structuring can enable RTM to align with wider campaigns and to become a habit, or a way of life, in the day-to-day operation of brand marketers.

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