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Planning Your Work before doing something new in technology


Developers who are just starting out often believe that their job is to build what they’re told to build by their managers or clients. The more experienced a developer becomes, the more they realize that building the right thing is more important than building the thing right. A quick hack that does what the user needs it to do is much better than a beautifully crafted codebase that doesn’t solve the user’s problem, although a working but hacked-together system will quickly stifle progress.

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Effective planning process

Having an effective way to develop plans for the work you’re going to do is the best way to ensure that you approach the work so that it actually meet the needs of the user. It’s a commonly held misconception that developers exist to write code, but a development team without an effective planning process will often spend time writing the wrong code, or getting stuck and being unable to move forward with the code they do write, stumbling over obstacles and falling victim to risks they’ve failed to mitigate. An effective planning process, including the whole team, can minimize or avoid these problems altogether.

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A competing concern with the planning process is that it is often also used to develop estimates and communicate to external stakeholders how well the team is performing. This concern can often make a planning process toxic, and give planning as a whole a bad reputation. However, it is possible to implement a planning process that avoids these pitfalls while keeping those people outside of your team happy. One key difference between a digital organization and a traditional one is the relationship between the development team and the business.

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