Measuring the Value of Commercial Window Tinting

Are Specialty Protective Films Right for My Business?

Savvy business owners find new and creative ways to save money without cutting their employees’ pay, and one of the ways they’re doing that is by having window tinting professionally installed on their storefront, warehouse, or office windows.

But that doesn’t make sense! Doesn’t window film cost money?

Of course it does, but compared to the initial investment, the amount of money that business owners can save on energy costs, vandalism and damage repair, inventory protection, and maintaining furnishings far exceeds the purchase price.

In fact, commercial window tinting can be a major boon. Just ask your accountant to run the numbers, taking these facts into consideration.

Save Big on Energy Bills During the Hottest and Coldest Months

If your heating or air conditioning are pumping, then you’re racking up utility bills that could actually be much more affordable.

Commercial window film is effective in both hot and cold temperatures. First, film reduces “hot spots” by rejecting the sun’s UV rays and heat. If your employees ever complain about the warmth in certain areas of the office, you can improve productivity by keeping them more comfortable with window film.

In the winter, rather than having to bundle up or wear mittens as they work, your employees can feel warmer thanks to the extra insulation layer that window film affords.

Not convinced? Studies have shown that commercial window film reduces energy consumption by as much as 10 percent. This means you’ll see a quick return on your investment, plus you’ll use less energy to condition interior spaces of your business and enjoy increased employee productivity.

Block Harmful UV Rays

People who drive semi trucks know just how dangerous the sun’s UV rays can be as they stream into a window. In fact, long-haul truckers are more likely to sustain sun damage or get skin cancer on the left sides of their faces, necks, shoulders, and arms, because of the rays streaming into the cab of their trucks.

The same goes for employees who sit near the windows at work, especially if they don’t have commercial window film applied to the glass. The sun’s UVA and UVB rays are responsible for the development of certain skin cancers, even indoors. Not only could this affect the amount you pay in health insurance premiums for your employees, but they’re more likely to miss work as they are treated for their condition.

But the sun can also damage the interior Interior designers In Kochi and finishes of your office, warehouse, or store. This can cause leather or vinyl furniture to crack and fabrics to fade, and you’ll find that you need to replace these items to maintain the overall appearance of your business.

Commercial window film blocks most UVA and UVB rays, keeping everything inside safer and healthier.

Reduce Damage from Theft and Graffiti

Security film, a subcategory of commercial window film, can actually help deter theft and prevent damage to your building.

Extra-thick security films have a powerful adhesive that makes breaking the glass all but impossible. Because of the added time it takes to get the window to break, criminals will be deterred. And if they do manage to break the glass, it won’t fall into shards all over the ground or inside your business. The adhesive holds everything together.

Anti-graffiti film, applied to the exterior of your glass, makes for easy spray paint cleanup and prevents scratches, too. This is far more affordable than paying for professional cleaning every time someone decides to tag your warehouse window.

Don’t Wait for the Weather to Turn

With few exceptions, commercial window film can be installed in any weather. This is because it’s applied to the inside of the glass. Even if it’s raining, you can begin protecting your employees, merchandise, and furnishings from the sun and opportunists, all while reducing your business’s energy consumption and monthly utility bills.

It may sound too good to be true, but lucky for you, it isn’t!

Don’t Forget About the Value of Professional Installation

Installing commercial window film is not something you want to do yourself, and for many reasons. The first is that professional installation ensures your product is under warranty from the manufacturer. The second is that professional installation also comes with a workmanship warranty. If you opt for a DIY route, you’ll get neither guarantee, and may even spend more money starting over if you mess up.

A professional installer knows how to apply window film the right way the first time, without bubbles, creases, or debris trapped against the pane of glass. They also have the right tools – which you’d have to buy yourself if you wanted to try your hand at installation.

Not having to buy tools and getting the perfect result are two important reasons you should hire a professional in the first place.

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