Making online skills testing software work for better recruiting

Recruiters apply a variety of strategies and use different tools to improve the recruiting process. One of such tools is candidate skills testing software.

Choosing the best candidate from a sea of top talents is never easy. But recruiters must do this and help employers in the final decision making. Using an online candidate skills assessment makes this an easier process.

  1. Online skills testing is quick and convenient
  2. Wide variety of skills tests make assessing candidates easy
  3. Helps in filtering influx of applications
  4. Checks for any skills exaggeration
  5. Test results provide concrete evidence
  6. Beneficial for high-volume recruitment
  7. Gives competitive advantage to recruiters

These are some of the major benefits that come from utilising skills tests to measure all the applicants’ abilities and strengths. Recruiters who use online skills testing software realise how efficient and effective the process can be. It is advantageous for everyone.

The biggest advantages are how time-saving and efficient assessing applicants online can be. Instead of spending days trying to organise everything, it is possible to shorten the time to a few minutes. The time saved can then be invested in talent sourcing, networking, or other important activities.

CVs, cover letters and interviews are usually how a job seeker’s abilities and talents are measured. But it is quite easy to overstate skills on CVs and interviews are often not enough for recruiters and employers to vet a candidate. A skills test provides an extra and necessary layer to gauge applicants easily.

There’s also a standard set of questions for all those taking the assessments and they are marked automatically so the skills testing is objective and unbiased. Staffing agencies use pre-employment skills testing software along with the recruitment agency software. Using both these software solutions together improve the recruiting flow as well as the quality of the work.

All types of skills tests for a variety of roles

Modern online skills testing software offers assessments for a wide range of job roles. There are the popular ones like literacy and numeracy skills tests which are useful across all industries. MS Office skills testing as well as secretarial skills testing are valuable assessments for admin roles in different sectors.

For recruiters looking for industry-specific tests, there are driving skills tests and accounting skills tests among others.

Companies place a lot of importance on cultural fit when recruiting new employees. They want to ensure that their staff can communicate and collaborate smoothly together.  A single disruptive presence can hamper the entire team. That’s why psychometric skills testing helps recruiters and employers understand if a candidate will fit well in the existing team. This test measures the communication style, leadership, and problem-solving capabilities, etc.

Helpful for all parties

Candidates take the online skills tests from anywhere that is convenient for them. If they have access to the internet and a computer device, they can take the test at home or even if they are on a long commute.

Recruiters save tons of time when they use this type of pre-employment skills testing. There’s no need to arrange a convenient date, time, and location with every single candidate. They can easily select the appropriate tests and send the test links via email to the group or individual. Once those assessments are completed, the results will be delivered promptly in the recruiter’s inbox.

Client companies also benefit from recruitment agencies utilising online skills testing software. The hiring process is shortened, and the quality of the recruitment increases. There’s evidence of the applicants’ skills and potential which prevents employers from making the wrong choice in the end.

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