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Disadvantages of the Internet

Internet is one of the most ground-breaking technological wonders. In recent years it has gained unprecedented popularity. It has made the world a global village. All sorts of information are a click away. It is has made worldwide communication possible. It has made our lives easier and far more comfortable than they used to be. All sorts of data are accessible. We can perform several functions with ease. It is also user-friendly. Like all other technological advancements and scientific inventions, the internet also comes with its disadvantages. The advantages and disadvantages of such inventions go side by side. To benefit from the internet and not fall prey to the hazards like ابتزاز, it is necessary to be aware of the problems and use the technology accordingly.

Time wastage

The Internet can be a waste of time. It continues to consume a huge chunk of our day-to-day lives. We can spend hours endlessly scrolling through social media without gaining any benefit. In this way, we waste precious time. Instead of doing essential tasks and benefitting from the advantages of the internet, when we use the internet in excess without any purpose, it can be hazardous to our health and social life.

Health Hazards

The Internet can seriously damage both our mental and physical health. Social media platforms, provided by the internet, have created unachievable standards and have painted an extremely unrealistic picture of life. People who fail to reach said unattainable standards often fall prey to anxiety. In addition to this, the trends of social media are continuously changing. When people cannot follow these ever-changing trends; due to constraints of financial, moral, or religious nature, they feel left out and anxious. The number of victims of cyberbullying have also increased. These victims often find themselves battling mental health problems. Continuous and excess use of the internet can significantly affect your eyesight. Obesity is also common among such individuals. Obesity further leads to several deadly health problems including cardiovascular issues.

Online Harassment and Blackmailing

The availability of the internet has made hacking and phishing extremely easy. This allows cybercriminals to hack into your accounts and retrieve your personal information and passwords. hackers can also gain access to your accounts and computers. They can use the data stored in computers to carry out further illegal activities like ابتزاز جنسي and harassing.

To benefit from the internet and not fall prey to the hazards like ابتزاز, it is necessary to be aware of the problems and use the technology accordingly. In order to save your business from modern cyber attacks, you can also make your employees learn from Cyber Security course.

Money Frauds

Online banking via the internet has surely made our lives comfortable. However, if you are not cautious enough, you can be a victim of money fraud. Some websites trick people into giving their personal information, credit card details, and even pin-codes. When such information falls into the wrong hands, you become prey to fraudulent schemes.

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