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By the time he arrived in Sardinia in January 2000, word had reached the village of Arzana about its growing reputation as a place with an unusually high number of centenarians. Residents in the village had organized a ceremony honoring four of them. “They invited me to participate, but I had no data,” Poulain said. “I could not publicly confirm that theirs was a long-lived village. I am a scientist, and with no data, no conclusion.Check the site Filmy god

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Longevity in Sardinia

But a half hour before the ceremony, I stopped by the city hall and looked at the birth and death records, and right away I found some preliminary indications that these documents were very accurate. I began to believe Gianni’s findings, and so I participated in the ceremony and decided to go on with a large study to prove the exceptional male longevity in Sardinia.” Three months later, Poulain returned to Sardinia for the first of ten visits to check more records and interview centenarians. He visited 40 municipalities to establish something called the Extreme Longevity Index.

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This index considered birth and death records of all centenarians born between 1880 and 1900. Little by little, he realized that this region had a phenomenally high index. As he zeroed in on municipalities that had the greatest numbers of long-lived people, he circled the area on a map with blue ink—giving rise to the term “Blue Zone,” which was later adopted by demographers. Four years later, Poulain, Pes, and six colleagues published a paper in the journal Experimental Gerontology, in which they identified the Barbagia region as one that had some of the longest-lived people in Sardinia.

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