Why Shouldn’t You Store Oxygen Cylinders at Home?

Oxygen is a type of gas that humans need to survive. Humans often need extra oxygen for breathing difficulties, and then buy oxygen cylinders. However, taking extra oxygen or storing extra oxygen cylinders at home can make your problem worse.  

Oxygen Therapy

The most common symptom of corona is shortness of breath. When the covid indications become more severe, the patient begins to have difficulty breathing. It is called hypoxia. When this problem occurs, the patient’s body lacks oxygen. As a result, the patient’s respiratory problems increase. Oxygen therapy increases the amount of blood in the patient’s body through oxygen therapy. 

Due to which it is also possible to make up for the lack of oxygen in the patient’s body. Besides, the patients have also got relief from respiratory problems. In addition, this oxygen therapy helps to slow down the growth of the virus, helping to build resistance against the virus. It also prevents the rapid spread of Covid-19. To use the oxygen cylinder properly, get help from the nurse service at home.

You Shouldn’t Store Oxygen Cylinders

Only Doctors Can Provide Safely

While an oxygen cylinder may seem easy to use, not everyone can use it properly. Taking oxygen without the help of a doctor can be dangerous. However, you can get the help of patient care home service to use it at home. Those who care for patients at home know how to use it. 

Can Explore Like a Bomb

Unnecessary storage of oxygen cylinders at home can result in inadvertent exploding at any time and cause major accidents. Exposure to matches, candles, cigarettes, gas burners, fireplaces or any other combustible material actually causes the gas cylinder to explode.

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Create Artificial Crisis in the Market 

Because of the horrors of Covid, many people are buying extra oxygen cylinders and storing them at home; This is creating an oxygen crisis in the market and oxygen cylinder price in BD is increasing. One person buys and stores extra cylinders, on the other hand, many people cannot buy or rent if they need to. Do not store extra cylinders for this purpose.

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Price Hike 

Some unscrupulous traders are raising the price of oxygen cylinders in BD due to excessive purchase of oxygen cylinders, many are selling at double the price. As a result, such a crisis is being created, on the other hand, cylinders have to be bought or rented at exorbitant prices, and the suffering is of the common man. 

Final Words

Oxygen cylinders are now in high demand in the medical equipment market. Each cylinder is being sold at 12 to 15 thousand. Many people are personally stockpiling oxygen cylinders to deal with corona infections in various crises. This has increased the demand extensively.

In order to reduce the pressure in the hospital, the doctors are advising to treat the corona patients at home without symptoms and mild symptoms in the corona epidemic. People are buying these medical equipment thinking that the ICU crisis, beds are not empty and oxygen is the only hope. However, doctors say, the patient should be taken to the hospital as soon as the oxygen level decreases. Leaving only oxygen service at home can be the cause of death.  

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