Get the Care You Want With HealthTap

HealthTap is a virtual-first, affordable urgent care and primary-care clinic. It offers top-quality physician care nationwide to Americans with or without insurance.

HealthTap rewires healthcare by providing universal access to quality, primary care. Its doctor-trained, augmented intelligence system guides users to the care they need and connects them to doctors instantly.

Get a doctor’s appointment on HealthTap.

HealthTap offers a virtual care solution for people of all ages. Its network of doctors spans 147 specialties, and all have gone through a rigorous verification process to ensure they can provide quality care.

Medical consultations with a doctor are available 24/7 and can be scheduled via the HealthTap app or online. The doctor can diagnose, order lab tests, prescribe medication, and give referral recommendations.

However, you’ll need to have a membership to access the service. There are two options: Basic and Prime, the latter of which costs $15 a month.

The HealthTap app connects you with a doctor that can answer your questions and offer medical advice, all from your smartphone. The company claims it can save you money by eliminating the need for an in-person appointment.

Ask a doctor a question.

HealthTap is a HIPAA-secure service that connects you with a doctor by phone or video chat. It also offers a wide variety of informational tools and FAQs that are curated by doctors to help you manage your health.

Users can also submit questions to doctors on the platform and get their responses, often within a day. These answers are stored in the app, allowing you to reference them again and again.

One of the more interesting features on HealthTap is its AI-powered symptom checker, which helps people determine whether or not they need to see a doctor. This service is free and backed by experts in the field of medicine.

It also features a doctor rating system called Doc-score, which rewards doctors for their answers by giving them more exposure online. It’s like Klout for physicians, and it can increase their online reputation and possibly attract more patients to their office.

Get a prescription.

HealthTap’s nationwide network of primary care doctors can help you get the care you want, all at affordable prices. New and existing prescriptions are written by HealthTap doctors, sent to the pharmacy of your choice within a couple of hours and are available with or without insurance.

During an online primary care visit, the doctor will review your symptoms, medical history and current medications, and help you determine what medication is best for you. They’ll be able to prescribe antibiotics, birth control pills, hypertension and diabetes medications, and even some antidepressants.

HealthTap also offers a discount service, called ScriptHero, that lets subscribers save up to 75% on many common medications. Members simply select their preferred pharmacies and download a ScriptHero coupon to pay for the drug.

Get a referral.

The doctor referral network on HealthTap is the largest in the world. It includes doctors across 141 specialties and has 4.2 million referral connections, who trust each other to provide quality care online.

Using a simple questionnaire, you’ll be matched with a doctor who can help you. They’ll be able to offer an appointment or answer your questions via video chat or text.

You can also submit a question to a doctor for free, and they’ll respond within 24 hours. This service is a great option for someone who wants a doctor but doesn’t have the time to go to the doctor’s office.

HealthTap is bringing a virtual care revolution to consumers and providers worldwide. With more than 100,000 licensed doctors on board, HealthTap brings speed and efficiency to patient visits and greater compassion for the delivery of care.

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