Why Should You Hire a Healthcare Business Lawyer in California?

Small businesses make up about 98% of all businesses in the United States. Most of these small businesses are in some form of an administrative or legal difficulty. If you are a healthcare business owner, there are additional issues that make it more likely that you will be encountering either regulatory problems or litigation.

If your business is regulated by the state or federal government, if competition among entities is fierce and litigious, or if ethical standards matter to your customers or others, then having an experienced healthcare business attorney California on your team can be invaluable.

Here are what healthcare business lawyers in California can help you with.

  • Professional incorporations

If you are a healthcare business, you have an increased need for protection. Because of this, it is prudent to incorporate your business. Initial costs may be high, but these costs are negligible in comparison to the benefits that an incorporated business will gain.

  • Commercial office leases

These are necessary for office space. In terms of healthcare business, the success of your business is related to the quality and availability of your office facilities. Make sure that the lease you sign is legally binding so that you have adequate legal protection.

  • Contracts

A variety of contracts are used in the healthcare business, such as employment contracts and non-compete agreements with employees, distributors, or customers/clients/patients. These contracts do not have to be lengthy to be enforceable, but they must include everything that is necessary for both parties.

  • Partnership and shareholder agreements

If your business is set up as one or more partnerships, then partnership and shareholder agreements will list who owns which portions of your venture. These agreements, therefore, should be created at the beginning of the venture and should be reviewed regularly.

  • Patent, trademark, copyright, and licensing issues

If your healthcare business grows, you will want to protect it by having your own patents to hold exclusive rights to specific aspects of your business. Similarly, if there is something unique about how you treat or market your services that customers like or that others want to use in their businesses, this can be protected through a trademark or copyright.

  • Practice expansion

If your healthcare business is successful and you wish to expand operations, there will likely be new legal issues that need to be addressed. These may include agreements with physicians and hospitals, as well as compliance with new regulations.

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