Where to Find a Room For Rent For Under USD 200 a Month Near New York NY

If you are considering moving to New keek York City, you might be wondering where to find a room for rent for under USD 200 per month. In general, New York City rents for about $1240 per month, but you can find cheaper options in other boroughs, including Harlem and Washington Heights. You can also find a room to share with a friend or two, which is an excellent option for students on a budget.


If you are a student or have a weworld job in the city, you can look for a room for rent for around USD 200 per month at Nestpick, which is an online marketplace that allows you to search for rooms by location. Alternatively, you can search for a room to rent near New York City on Airbnb and then extend your stay with the help of the site. A good tip is skillpage to find a room that is closer to your destination and offers more privacy.

Is West Harlem Safe


Is West Harlem safe? There essembly are plenty of people in the neighborhood who live there. The area is close to Central Park, Riverside Park, Morningside and Riverside. You can enjoy the beauty of the city without having to deal with the hustle and bustle of traffic. Plus, you’ll find plenty of restaurants and nightlife options in the area, unlike filestube Downtown Brooklyn. But before you head out, make sure you’re familiar with the local safety practices in West Harlem.


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