What to do if my husband likes to gamble at casinos?

When your husband participates in the activities of betting companies, it is likely that he enjoys the game itself, the feeling of belonging to a group of soccer fans or poker players. During the game he feels a rush of energy, an interest in the events, which he probably lacks in real life. It may be supposed that his interest in gambling is connected with getting an instant profit and improvement of his family’s financial state. 2/4 of the world’s population gamble, but only for a few gambling excitement reaches the point of mental disorder.

If your husband or son gambles at a bookmaker’s office, you need to watch carefully how he does it and what it can all lead to. The fact is that some people bet on sports or play at the casino at Parimatch solely for pleasure. Others even bet, say, 1-2 times a month or even a year. This approach to betting is unlikely to be addictive. But if your husband or son borrows money in order to play in a bookmaker’s office, bets on sports every day, only thinks about it – this is pathology. He is already developing a gambling disorder which needs to be treated.

Gambling addiction belongs to the group of severe psychological addictions. At first, it is only an attempt to brighten one’s life and satisfy one’s need for pleasure. Then the game becomes more and more attractive as it helps to hide from problems, sexual dissatisfaction and grey routine. Another reason for immersion in the game world is to feel almighty (in those moments when you win) and to correct their faults. After all, you can always replay again. At the very least, a gambler gets the confidence that even if he has lost now, he will certainly win tomorrow.

The first symptoms of gambling addiction

If it’s not too late and you’re already reading this article, be sure to pay attention to the first signs of gambling addiction. Early detection of this disease makes it much easier to deal with it and its consequences. The common symptoms are:

  • the desire for quick winnings and the hope of quick enrichment:

–        A person plays for money in a bookmaker’s office and doesn’t even notice that he is losing! But he still believes that one day he will succeed and become rich.

  • inability to interrupt the game:

–        A gambler cannot stop, even if he has lost all his money. Such a person immediately tries to borrow finances, to take out a loan in order to get even.

  • irritation and anger:
  • often mothers and wives write posts like this on forums:

–        “My husband blames everything on me, yells at me after another loss.”

–        “My son gets mad at me every time I try to warn him against betting on sports.”

–        “My man bets at games and then is aggressive all day,” etc.

  • attempts to win back:

–        An addicted person doesn’t give up trying to win back, even if he loses money every time he plays at a sportsbook!

How you can help him cope with addiction

The problem can only be solved if the addict and his loved ones acknowledge it. The solution will require certain actions:

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  • learn as much information as you can about addiction (gambling addiction);
  • refuse to encourage the player. Investigate the situation in the family, the relationship with her husband, the financial situation and act (you can do it yourself and anonymously);
  • ask for help from a specialist (psychologist, psychotherapist). Face-to-face consultation with a specialist will assess the extent of the problem in a particular case: the presence of pathological excitement to the game, the stage of dependence, to identify the severity of motivation for treatment, if it is necessary.

It is important to note that the prevention of gambling addiction is complicated. Optimal means of treatment are methods of psychotherapy which form an attitude of refusal to participate in gambling, restore trusting relations in your family, help to replace pathological forms of pleasure with healthy ones.

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