What doubts would the family of a victim have on a wrongful death? Philadelphia

Family members may wonder if a wrongful death case may be brought when a loved one dies due to a personal injury. Wrongful death claims are a sort of personal injury litigation governed by each state’s laws. Many people considering pursuing a wrongful death claim have questions, and the answers to some of the more prevalent ones are included here. For further details, contact Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys.

What is the definition of wrongful death?

Wrongful death is a legal phrase that describes someone’s death due to another person’s misconduct, willful actions, or negligence. Because the deceased individual cannot initiate a wrongful death case on their behalf, family members are entitled to do so. The claim can be filed by dependents, spouses, children, parents, or other family members.

Are homicide and wrongful death synonymous?

Murder is not the same as wrongful death. Wrongful death is a civil claim, whereas murder is a criminal act. Murder cases are tried in criminal courts, and the defendants face harsh legal consequences. Cases of wrongful death are heard in civil court. A wrongful death claim can be filed even if the responsible party is not legally prosecuted for the death. In wrongful death cases, the victims are awarded monetary damages, but the perpetrator is not sentenced to prison.

What are the costs of a wrongful death lawsuit?

In wrongful death litigation, the at-fault party is held liable for the losses they have caused. A judge might compel the defendant to pay damages for various reasons, both financial and non-economic. Loss of income, financial assistance, companionship, consortium, and pain and suffering are common damages claimed in wrongful death litigation. The insurance company may only grant some of these sorts of damages to the deceased’s spouse or dependents.

How do wrongful death lawsuits get resolved?

Every instance of wrongful death has its own set of circumstances. Cases must be filed in compliance with state legislation, and the state must follow particular procedural requirements.

Finally, you may hire a personal injury lawyer who can solve your doubt regarding your case. Do not lose hope because that is just giving in to the person who caused you injury. If you need support or help, many portals offer free legal advice which you could seek. In addition, understand the laws in Philadelphia, and they are made to protect you. 

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