Value of recruiters using employee skills testing software to find the best candidates

If you are a recruiter seeking top talent for clients, then it is best to tap into online skills testing software. Evaluating job applicants at the pre-employment stage ensures that only the finest candidates make it to the shortlist. This helps employers make the best hiring decision in the end.

Key reasons to partake in candidate skills assessment

Checking what the applicants are capable of and confirming their skills and potential during the recruiting stage is significant to having a rewarding hiring process. Staffing agencies must verify that the candidates have the desired skills requested by the client companies.

Employee skills testing helps recruiters to –

  1. Filter the most suitable candidates
  2. Strengthen the applicant shortlist
  3. Accelerate the recruitment process
  4. Verify candidate skills

Make your candidate search smarter, instead of working harder at it. Employing skills testing at the start of the application process supports shortlisting of better-quality candidates.

Recruiters typically must go through hundreds of CVs and cover letters for one job posting. If they implement skills testing to measure candidate proficiency, it is not only much quicker but also an extremely effective method to filter the applications.

Then with skilled candidates picked from the skills test results they can build a strong applicant list to share with the hiring company. This improves candidate quality which helps employers make the right choice and do it quickly.

Choosing robust skills testing software system for hiring success

Having advocated the value of candidate skills assessment and the software, many staffing agencies might want to introduce it to their workflow immediately.

But there are various factors to consider when deciding on which one of the leading skills testing systems to pick for the recruitment firm.

First, always consider whether it will integrate smoothly with the agency’s recruitment database software system. Easy integration means the recruiter’s work of measuring candidate skills will be simplified.

Then check to ensure the type of skills tests available. A good online skills testing software will have a selection of skills assessments ready for different types of users. There is a multitude of staffing agencies that cater to a wide variety of industries.

Hence, recruiters must be ready to assess applicants on accounting, data entry, and driving as well as on their knowledge of healthcare, construction, and education.

The most popular of all candidate proficiency assessments are the literacy and numeracy skills tests. Using these, recruiters gauge how proficient the applicants are in grammar, spelling and numbers. These assessments are widely used for most job roles and in most sectors.

Recruiters who are trying to place for admin roles majorly use Microsoft Office skills tests. Experience with the MS Office suite of tools is critical for all office-based roles. Hence, it is key for secretarial skills testing.

Additionally, good candidate skills testing software systems offer psychometric skills testing as companies want to confirm cultural fit along with technical knowledge. Recruiters can test for communication and collaborative skills because the new staff must seamlessly fit into the existing company culture. Psychometric skills tests help measure leadership and problem-solving skills as well as critical thinking abilities.

In this age of digital recruitment, smart staffing agencies must opt for online skills testing software systems. It is not only much easier to use, but it is extremely efficient for all parties. Recruiters can select and send the appropriate tests within a couple of minutes. Candidates can take the test from anywhere convenient to them. Once they are done with the assessment, the skills test results will be delivered to the recruiter’s inbox who can then proceed to share with the hiring companies.

Online skills testing ensures that everyone saves time. Instead of spending days arranging the candidate proficiency tests, recruiters can swiftly select and send the assessments as and when required. There is increased productivity as a result of this.

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