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Tube TV is free to use and has over 20,000 titles. This streaming service has a low price and is available on most modern devices. However, many features and functions are not available for free. You must create an account to watch all types of videos. Once you have registered, you can queue up interesting videos and get smart recommendations. The app also allows you to resume watching a video from any device. While this is a simple task, many users find it time-consuming.

To use Tubi, you must have an internet connection with speeds higher than 4Mbps. This threshold isn’t too high, as we tested it over our home Ethernet connection. We experienced no lag or stuttering, which is a common problem with streaming services. You can sign up for free here and start watching content right away. This app is compatible with Sony smart TVs. The app has a variety of categories and options, so you’re sure to find something you like.

If you’re interested in finding original content, Tubi offers a plethora of channels to watch. There are more than 300 channels and categories available to choose from. This includes local news and entertainment partners, including Netflix and Amazon. Even a few movies from major studios are available on the service. Another benefit of Tubi is its library, which is composed of more than 250 hours of programming from over 250 providers. Other categories include cooking shows, anime, and paranormal shows.

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