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Top 7 Legal Technology Solutions Solicitors Should Use

Legal technology is an ever-growing sub-category in the technology industry, which is also a massive industry across the world. Businesses and professionals in all sectors are coming to the conclusion that leveraging technology for their work is a necessity. We even discussed this with a company that has been providing outsourced IT support London based solicitors (and many other types of businesses) have been using for over a decade. In that time, they have seen the growth in demand for modern business solutions.

Legal Technology

Over the years, the legal sector has come to embrace technology to a more comfortable degree, which has led to a field of development focused on technology that helps legal professionals do their work more efficiently or productively – this is what we called legal technology. According to TechQuarters who provide managed IT services London based solicitors and legal firms rely on, legal technology tends to be distinct from other business solutions – although there are plenty of general business solutions that legal professionals rely on as well.

The types of technologies that solicitors use can be quite diverse. Below is a brief list of solutions – both general and sector-specific – that solicitors may wish to use…

  • Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has been celebrated in recent years as being one of the crucial solutions for remote work, as it allows professionals to access their work files from home, or anywhere else. As well as being good for remote working, cloud storage is also a great way to streamline one’s document management.

  • Scanners / Scanning Apps

While many solicitors are moving over to a paperless way of working, the use of hardcopy documentation is still prevalent in the sector. This is why solicitors with a penchant for digital solutions should have a scanner, or a scanning app, so that they can digitize any physical documents that come their way. If one has a mobile device with a high-quality camera, then a scanning app is all they may need for this.

  • Cloud Telephony

Telephony is absolutely essential for any business; but for the modern, on-the-go solicitor, mobility is also essential – rather than having a business phone line, and a separate business mobile phone, a solicitor can use cloud telephony. Using a technology known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), cloud telephony solutions enable businesses to equip users with a single business phone number that can be used in the office and on the go.

  • eDiscovery Tools

Given the advantage of digitized data, eDiscovery has become more and more common over the years; and eDiscovery tools help to streamline the process for solicitors. Modern eDiscovery tools often employ intelligent analytics to make the process of finding case-relevant information in and amongst large volumes of data easier.

  • Legal Research Tools

Research is a major part of the legal system, which is why the tools solicitors use to complete research have gotten increasingly high-tech over the years. Modern Legal Research tools help consolidate information into extensive law libraries that are easy to search. Many legal research tools are premium, and come with other intelligent functionalities, but there are just as many free legal research tools for solicitors to use.

  • E-Signature Apps

As mentioned earlier, many solicitors are now going paperless, which includes the processing of contracts and other forms that require signatures. This means that a modern solicitors should have an E-signature app at their disposal. Many E-signature apps are designed to meet the criteria of being a legally binding agreement.

  • Videoconferencing Software

When we spoke to companies that provide IT support for solicitors, they said that increasing numbers of legal professionals are looking for effective videoconferencing solutions. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, videoconferencing – just like cloud storage – has become a crucial component of remote working. With that said, videoconferencing is an effective solution to have in place in any case.

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