The Gambling Legislation within Canada

In Canada, sports and betting on sports are prevalent. If hockey is the country’s favorite sport, that’s not a surprise. But Canadians also like to watch a lot of American sports. People in Canada watch the National Football League (NFL) on TV all the time. Most Canadian sports fans have a favorite US team and a favorite CFL team, and most of them have a favorite of both. There are a lot of Canadians who like to watch NBA basketball. The Toronto Raptors, who just won the NBA Championship in 2019, are a clear favorite. It doesn’t matter that the Blue Jays play in Toronto. They are Canada’s MLB team, and all of their games are shown across the country as if they were local events with bob casino bonuses .

In the United States, we have a very different history and organization for betting on sports. Our northern neighbors have a very different history and organization. A new bill was signed into law on August 27, 2021, making single-game wagering legal in the United States for the first time. Canadian gamblers often placed bets with European and other offshore bookmakers because it wasn’t clear that it was against the law.

To make sure that single-event wagering was legal across Canada, they worked hard to change the criminal code so that it could be done. For a long time, there has been a lot of talk about this. Finally, it has come to pass. When Parliament passed single-game legalization efforts in June 2021, we learned a lot about how the Canadian sports betting industry works. To learn more about how the landscape will look when single-game legalization is fully implemented, read on!

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Passed: C-218 has been signed by the Canadian Parliament.

The legalization of single-game wagering in Canada has been a long-running debate. Many people have been talking about it in Parliament since at least 2015. Sports betting in the United States may have been the final push for Canada to do the same. In the beginning, they didn’t like the idea of making it legal. Now, the leading sports leagues and other groups that opposed it now support the bipartisan legislative initiatives in Parliament.

C-218 was the most recent bill that made it legal to bet on one game at a time. A simple bill was passed to make it clear that provinces can run and regulate single-game sports betting. Almost every major stakeholder group agreed with it, except for the horse racing business. In February 2021, the law passed the House of Commons, Canada’s version of the House of Representatives. But until June 23, 2021, the fate of the law in the Senate, Canada’s version of the Senate, was unknown.

A vote on C-218 had to be made quickly because the Senate was on a summer break in a few days. There had been a lot of discussion and study about it for weeks. In addition, the bill’s backers were worried that the midterm elections could make it fall apart and make them start over again from the ground up, which would be wrong.

What does C-218 mean for the country in terms of Canadian sports betting?

As long as Bill C-218 is signed into law by the end of 2021, single-game betting will be legal and available in Canada by then. If you live in Canada’s ten provinces or three territories, you can already bet on sports, play casino games, and win money through lotteries (Yukon Territory, Northwest Territory, and Nunavut).

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