The Five Basic Types of Safety Boots Available in the Market

In workplaces, you are exposed to various risks. Nearly all work sites or organizations require their workers to have safety boots. The following article describes different types of safety boots available in the market. The report also discusses the type of safety boots to be used in specific workplaces or sites.

Safety boots are used to safeguard your feet while at work, and they are prevalent in all work areas. These boots are of different types and sizes, depending on where you work or the size of your feet. Also, the price of the safety shoes differs depending on the kind of supplier of the boots. The different boots are:

Heat resistant safety boots

These types of boots are necessary for workers working in environments with high temperatures to withstand severe heat. They are made of a material that resists heat, and in case you step into the fire, your feet will not be burned. The outsoles are made of resistive rubber material, which is heat resistant.

High cut safety boots

These safety boots protect the feet and protect the ankle and shin area and provide all-around protection. They are mainly used to safeguard workers in uneven surfaces and rough environments. With these boots, you can freely move as they are comfortable and safe to move in each step.

Lightweight work boots

Heavy safety boots can harm your feet by exerting pressure on the feet. The safety boots price in Kenya is affected by the weight of the shoes. Even though these boots are light, they are vital for your feet protection and efficient for natural movements.

The boots have a composite toe cap at the front of the boot to protect the toes from being injured. The toe cap is thin and light yet guarantees the safety and comfort of feet as you walk around.

Non-slip boots

The nature of the surface determines the safety boots the worker will be operating. On slippery and greasy surfaces, accidents of slipping and falling occur at any time. In such workplaces, the workers need slip-resistant boots since they prevent slipping accidents.

The anti-slip boots are designed to work in both oily and wet grounds. They have a resistant rubber outsole with a superior grip enabling the boot wearer not to fall. They are ideal in wet areas like restaurants, grocery, healthcare, hospitality, and similar places.

Low cut ankle boots

In a workplace involving many irregular movements, low-cut ankle boots are ideal for flexibility and comfort. These boots ensure you do not get tired quickly as you move since they are lighter than high-cut boots.

The low-cut ankle boots are of different types; some are heat resistant, and others are slip-resistant.


In any workplace, having safety boots is essential as they will protect your feet from various accidents. It is crucial to buy the boots specifically for the work you operate to prevent using them in the wrong fields. Also, you should compare different ones in the market and buy the one that pleases you.

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