The factors that make for a good shroom trip


The hallucinogenic chemical psilocybin is the magic in Magic Mushrooms Canada. When you ingest shrooms, you experience an enhanced state of consciousness that, for many people, is so profound it changes them forever. While on the trip, they have intense feelings of connectedness, love, empathy and understanding and may have profound insights.

To my mind, these transcending experiences are worthy of respect and due consideration. Factors like your reason for taking mushrooms, what you expect from the trip, your mood and general frame of mind are known to affect the nature of shroom trips.

If you’re going to do something as risky as taking an unpredictable drug, why not prepare for what may come and make the best of the adventure?

Becoming quiet and spending some time alone, preferably in nature, to clear your thoughts and emotions is a good starting point.

Know why you’re undertaking this journey

Setting an intention for your magic mushroom Canada trip won’t give you what you envisage – if it were that easy, we’d all have what we want in life. However, it will help you to know what’s really important to you and writing it down will crystalize it further. It will help you later when you reflect on your trip.

Do everything you can to hone your awareness and calm your mind and emotions before the trip.

The surroundings and your company

Especially for a first trip, choose the people you’ll be with and the place you’ll be in with care. You will be facing the unknown, do it with people you trust and will feel safe with if things go south. A facilitator for the group, or a therapist to accompany you, will also help you relax and make the best of your experience without having to worry about your own or anybody else’s safety.

Pay attention to the basics like comfortable clothes, a comfortable place to sit or lie down, good food and something to drink. If you don’t have the opportunity to be out in nature for your trip, plan to be in a garden or an indoor space that looks out on greenery.

The mysterious role of music

Research at Johns Hopkins University recently confirmed the central role of music in psychedelic experiences and therapy. Psychologist Bill Richards has curated a playlist specifically for psychedelic trips.

The playlist is divided into segments starting with background music and then a specific track for each part of the psychedelic journey.

For reasons not clearly understood, the choice of music has a profound, guiding effect on psychedelic experiences.

“We’re discovering the human psyche, which might revenue you through around painful effects in childhood. It may gross you into some representative or visionary empires that you never recognized were possible. It might gross you beyond usual awareness into a realm that textures eternal,” says Richards.

“I think of it as a nonverbal support system, sort of like the net for a trapeze artist. If all is going well, you’re not straight aware that the remaining is there — you don’t even overhear the music — but if you start receiving anxious, or if you essential it, it’s directly there to provide construction.”

As with consciousness itself, we understand little about psilocybin and how (and why) it brings about metaphysical experiences. It seems to mysteriously interact with consciousness to produce transformative experiences.

Final thoughts

A magic mushroom trip can change the course of your life. This is not something to undertake haphazardly. It’s important to be intentional about it, finding a safe environment and compassionate people to share the experience with. Appropriate music is a big part of that. You’ll be peering deep within so, to make sense of the experience, be sure to take the time to integrate it by talking it through with someone afterwards.

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