Swimming Goggles: What Are The Types Of Swimming Lenses?

There are several colors of swimming goggle lenses available in the market. Each one has some characteristics that can influence your swim. See details for each option:

Types Of Swimming Goggle Lenses


The transparent swimming lenses or “crystals,” as some brands often call, should be used in unlit environments where there is a need to see clearly.

Bright Colors

The swimming lenses with light colors like blue, pink, orange, purple and green, are suitable for low-light conditions, for example, places with few streetlights and lighting at night.


The smoked swimming lenses are indicated for open places with strong sun or for swimming academies with abundant lighting. As the lens is dark, it does not allow much light to enter the goggles. They are suitable for those who train in open areas.


The mirrored swimming goggles are used to repel sunlight through the lens, providing a clear view during swimming. The recommendation is that this option is for anyone who will perform outdoor activities, such as swimming pools, rivers, and seas. In addition, backstroke style swimmers should wear this type of lens when swimming in open pools and during the day, as without this type of lens, sunlight can hinder their performance in the competition.


This is the best option for swimmers in aquatic marathons, triathlon events, crossings, or training in rivers, seas, lakes, etc. The swimming goggles with polarized lenses offer optimal protection from sunlight to both UVA and UVB. Want to know the difference between polarized and mirrored lenses? Polarized lenses prevent the sun’s reflection from entering flat surfaces; while mirror lenses do not have this protection, they only function as reflectors of direct sunlight.

Learn More About Lens Shapes For Swim Goggles

There are three types of swim goggle lens shapes. Each of these adds features to your vision during your swim and making a good choice of lens shape can change your experience.

Types Of Swimming Goggle Lenses


The swimming focal lenses are geared lenses for the front view, and opting for this format; you must know that the side view may be impaired. This type of lens is recommended for speed swimmers and short events, where it is only necessary to look ahead and keep pace.


The wide swim lens gives you a wider side view, so it’s easier to see the movements of other athletes and competitors beside you.


Athletes in water marathons, triathlons, open water, crossings, and other related activities, should choose the type of peripheral lens when choosing swimming goggles. With them, it is possible to have a 180-degree view, making it easier to observe the competitors and other threats that may appear during these practices.

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