Roofing Tiles – Why is it the Most Popular Roofing Option?

Tiles for roofing have become normality in most homesteads across the globe. Many people prefer this means of roofing their homes as the materials used in making these tiles are locally available and also environmental friendly. Tiles come in various styles which include; plastics, concrete, clay, slate, e.t.c.

There are many reasons as to why usage of tiles has become so popular among different populations of the world. This article focuses on some of these reasons:


For a very long period of time, people have been using iron sheets and metal for their roofing needs. However, this trend is rapidly changing and not just in urban areas but also in rural parts. People are becoming empowered and thus, this has led to the knowledge of the various benefits that usage of tiles for roofing brings.       

Building your roof by use of tiles separates and makes you unique from the rest. Apart from this, the roofing will last for a very long period of time while at the same time ensuring you are covered even in the most extreme of climaticchanges. Other reasons making this roofing design popular include:

Versatility and aesthetic appeal

Clay and concrete are made from naturally occurring minerals. They can easily be curved into various classical shapes that are very appealing to the eyes. This versatility makes it possible for them to be used in almost all architectural works that might require them. The tiles also come in a variety of colours.


Slate roofs,concrete, and clay are impervious to things like fire and also do not rot. They are also resistant to pests. In extreme climates e.g the coastal parts, clay tiles are used as they resist being eroded by the salty air. Most roofing tiles are also resistant to impact thus can be used in windy areas.

Long lifespan

Tiles for roofing made of slate, clay or concrete can last for a very long period of time. Slate or clay can last up to a period of100 years.The concrete ones can last up to a period of 50years.As you can see, once you put these tiles, you will use them in your life time and they will be of use to the next generation too. You can visit this to get more info about Country Manor Estate Conway SC.

Savings in the long run

Due to the fact that the roofing tiles are made of material with a good thermal mass, it helps in cooling and heating your house. Money that could have been used in buying things like fans is put into other more pressing issues. The long lifespan of the tiles without replacing is also a plus in terms of saving. Roofing tiles prices in Kenya is quite affordable.


In summary, tiles when used for roofing purposes bring a lot of benefits to the end user as discussed above. However, it is imperative that from time to time, you look for an expert that can help you in maintaining them. You should not do it yourself or hire an individual with no expertise as the roofing can easily crack.

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