Reading the Audience to Select the Right Party Entertainment

When planning an event, it’s vital that your entertainment fits exactly what you need it to.  From music that suits what your guests will enjoy to other forms of entertainment that will wow and shock guests: here’s how to play with ideas and get entertainment that will leave your guests happy and talk about your party for years to come.

What Parties Do They Usually Attend?

What types of parties usually catch this crowd’s eyes?  Are they a party-every-weekend kind of crowd, or are they more likely to simply go to church events and call them parties?  Both groups are valid, but they have very different expectations when going to an event that’s labeled a party.  Consider the types of guests you have, what parties entertain them, and if this is a general consensus across most of your guests. 

What Type of Party Is This?

Is this a birthday party?  Or is it a retirement party?  Take your time to consider what type of party your guests see this as and what that generally means for the theme.  For instance, a birthday party almost always sees musical entertainment, and a bachelor’s party almost always sees dancers.  Don’t be shy about leaning into cliches: they’re there for a reason!

Do You Know Their Taste In Music?

Do you know what type of music your guests enjoy?  Ask around, and figure out what they listen to when they’re sitting back and enjoying themselves.  Younger generations can usually be figured out by looking at their Spotify accounts and checking out the most commonly played musicians or artists.   For older generations, look at what records or CDs they have.

Are You Trying to Break Expectations?

Are you considering hiring a star-studded comic like Erin Alexis, or are you more interested in a safe route like a party DJ?  If you’re trying to break expectations, any performer who does something besides music will surprise and excite an audience!  Just make sure that you stick to whatever theme or expectations the crowd may have.  For instance, you don’t need to hire a kid’s magician for a grown man’s retirement party, as he may feel like he’s not being taken seriously.  

How Well Do They Take Surprises?

Does the crowd you’re catering to take surprises well?  Are they going to have fun watching a performer they didn’t expect, or will they get bored easily or downplay the intrigue of it?  If you’re not sure how a party will react to a performer, ask a few of the party-goers what they’d think if you hired someone off the wall, like a fire dancer, or if they don’t think people would get it.

If they don’t seem like they’d be receptive to the idea, it’s okay to hold off on this type of entertainment until you’re throwing a party for a different crowd. 

Party Entertainment Can Be Awesome

The entertainment you have at your event should be fun and exciting!  Create an environment where people can cut loose and enjoy themselves, and give yourself the chance to enjoy the party as well! 

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