Picking A Coffee Table Made As Easy As Sipping Your Cup of Coffee!

The coffee table is the workhorse of any living room as it will hold various essentials like drinks, remote controls, tech devices, and even favourite trinkets. It is used as a stool, desk, or even a craft table. It is the first piece of furniture that is noticed by anyone who walks into your home. By choosing the right coffee table, you can make that everlasting first impression on your visitors. Wondering what is the right shape and size for your home? Wakefit offers some stunning models that will make a statement. Here is a great compilation cum shopping guide to help you choose the ideal coffee table for your home.

Coffee Table Compatibility With Sofa

The relationship between a sofa and a coffee table is the basic thing to have in mind.

A coffee table must be at least half the size of the sofa installed in the living room and should not be more than two-thirds of the length. The length of the couch is nominally 90 inches, no matter the shape.

The coffee table must be at the same height as the sofa, and the ideal size is 20 inches.

For an L shaped sofa or a sectional sofa with a chaise, the coffee table guidelines apply only to the length of the horizontal seating.

Influence Of Shapes

The coffee table design options are many. It can be any shape – round, rectangle, square and oval. So let us break down the coffee table shapes in a living room with respect to the sofa.


A rectangle coffee table is the best shape for a standard sofa or even for an extra-long sofa with a chaise. This allows more access to all kinds of food items, coffee and cocktails. A narrow space with only a limited area to walk around a rectangle coffee table is the ideal choice. The functionality of any coffee table is to hold items when we have guests around, and a rectangular coffee table can be designed with a sleek drawer. This will give you the much-needed storage space and is suitable for a living room with more space.

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A square coffee table is an excellent styling bang for any living room. It will pair well with a large comfortable sectional sofa or even traditional ones. It blends well with an L-shaped corner sofa by placing it in the middle of the ample space. A square coffee table can be accentuated further with its looks by mixing the top with a round base or adding a shadow box table. A shadow box table will have sections and a glass top, and one can use these sections to store any stuff you may need.


Round tables are best for people living in a small and confined space where every item in the living room has to be installed with many thoughts. For a small area, anybody will want to cut the corner space, and a round coffee table is an ideal choice here. It is best with a sectional sofa both with and without a chaise. Round tables can be left visually open or added with sculptural carvings and engravings to escalate the look. Looking at the designs, you may wonder if the coffee table price is very high, but let the feeling rest. Round coffee tables are competitively priced and come as per your budget.


An oval coffee table is a good call for any living room when the house is loaded with toddlers, high traffic, and pets. As this reduces the risk of injuries due to sharp edges, most people widely prefer it. You can mix and match with a classic marble or wood design to take its look to the next level. An oval-shaped coffee table that offers a similar look to that of a rectangular one still adds to the elegance quotient.  The legs of an oval coffee table are thin, which makes it light and floaty, and a heavy wood at the bottom will help balance them better. Add metal or brass on top of it for a retro-inspired vibe.

Four Fundamentals To Choose Coffee Tables

Size and Placement

The right size and placement are the key factors to consider before closing in on a coffee table. The height of the table should be 14 to 20 inches tall, and put the other things around accordingly. All the other furniture in the living room must be placed 16 inches from the edge of the coffee table. The TV cabinet must be placed at least 28 inches from the coffee table.

Proportions and its Impact

The coffee table must be placed along with the other living room essentials in the right proportion. This will balance and make the area look better. If the space is small, always opt for a lower height coffee table with a small dimension. There are simple hacks too that can be incorporated, like equipping with an acrylic or glass table to make the space appear larger.


Plan and make the perfect choice of coffee table for your home. The material of the table also plays a vital role in displaying objects and offering extra space if the house is filled with little ones. In such cases, a primitive Sheesham wood coffee table is what can survive the wear and tear. Whereas if the focal point is the coffee table for a living room, it can be topped with mica, coloured lacquer or parchment. And if you are looking for a durable and highly resistant table, stone or glass will be a perfect choice.


Style is a factor to be considered while investing in a coffee table as it has to blend with the theme of the rest of the house. Some of the styles commonly used are vintage, modern, funky, traditional, bohemian, colour splash, rustic, contemporary, etc.

Final Words

Bear in mind to choose a coffee table that pulls excellent attention. A living room doesn’t need to have only one coffee table. Mix and match and pull off coffee tables together in various sizes and heights to create a trendy look. Leap and experiment with your creative mind to spruce up the living room with a coffee table that works wonders for you.

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