Ordinary to brilliant packaging: how to transform your packaging with custom stickers

Unboxing has become a phenomenon. Google the term, and you will find 289,000,000 entries on what is essentially product packaging. Some unboxing videos have over 1,00,000 views! How can you benefit from this trend without spending thousands of dollars at once? 

There are many ways you can quickly add value to your existing product packaging, and we will share our favorite tips with you in this article. All of these have one thing in common: custom printed stickers. 

Below, you will find three different ways you can use custom stickers to turn your product’s packaging into a real eye-catcher in record time. All you need is your artwork and your sticker printing company of trust. Sounds too good to be true? Read on to find out how to turn this into a reality. 

1. Think inside the box 

Let’s start from the inside out. Your overall product packaging is, of course, important, and you want to ensure that your customers are greeted with a beautiful box or bag. However, do not neglect the inside of your packaging. 

Where most other businesses focus mainly on the outside, think inside! Is there any space you can utilize to surprise your customers? Hide a sticker with a lovely or funny message at the bottom of your packaging to make your customers smile. 

You can take it even further by adding a call to action. This is especially effective if you are selling food items and want to motivate your customers to place another order. 

These are quick, simple ways you can really stand out from your competitors and forge positive associations in the minds of your customers. 

2. Add a luxurious touch 

Beautiful product packaging does not mean satin boxes and silky inlays. Instead, you can add subtle details to highlight the high quality of your product or service. Many printing companies offer amazing special effect sticker materials. You can get these as glitter, holographic, transparent or even fluorescent vinyls. 

These materials are ideal to elevate even the most simple product packaging. Simply invest in a holographic or clear label and brand your packaging materials in-house. This also means you can order any additional material plainly and save money. 

Special effect stickers are incredibly versatile. You can let the material speak for itself or control it, so only certain parts of your design will actually appear with the effect. When color is printed on top of an effect material, you can create a colored effect. 

If you would like parts of your design to appear completely opaque, white can be printed in between your color of choice and the material. Your sticker printer of trust will help you achieve the look you want. 

3. Gifts that stick 

Now that you know how to tackle the inside and outside of your packaging, we can focus on how your business can leave an impression after your customers have unboxed their order? 

One of the most effective ways to ignite positive emotions is through gift-giving. Finding the perfect value-add within a budget can be difficult. But you can reap the benefits of this without going over budget. 

Here, custom stickers can become your secret marketing weapon. Even when we receive stickers as adults, we still consider them to be a gift. This makes them the perfect advertising tool that is not perceived as such. 

Instead, they ignite the reactions evoked by gift-giving. One of these is the rule of reciprocity, meaning that we feel the need to return a similar favor to whoever sent us a gift. This can take the shape of a recommendation or even a repeat purchase. 

If you want to try this powerful tip, go for custom vinyl stickers like the ones right here. They are resistant to scratches, water and sunlight and can be applied to many different surfaces. 

With our tips, you can truly transform your packaging. Are you ready to put them into action? Or do you have any questions before you can get started? Please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Click Here: tutflix

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