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What are your Msum D2l Login Details used for?

Your account allows you to authenticate to use the Msum D2l resources of the University.

– on computers in classrooms and self-service rooms, and in the University Library

– to access the University’s wireless networks (Wi-Fi)

– to connect to the educational platform

– to access your e-mail from the University. university

– to access the Digital Workspace.

Important information about your account

You are registered at Msum D2l. Then you automatically have an account in the university directory. To use your account, you must activate it and change your password on this directory.

Your authentication parameters (username and password) are strictly personal and confidential. An infringement made by a third party using this authentication engages your responsibility, do not hesitate to change your password.

They draw your attention to the need to close your session and your browser after a working session.

Any problem or incident related to your authentication account should be reported to the IT Resource Center.

How to know your account?

Take the ” Msum D2l Login Details” section provided when you register with your registration.

You will find your connection parameters there (username / initial password).

How to activate your account and change your password?

The password for your university computer account can be switched on your file in the centralized university directory.

In the menu of the ENT Driver

– tab ” Personal Information ”

– submenu ” My Profile ”

Password recommendations


Essential rules for securing your digital equipment in Msum D2l Login Details-

  • Always use characters of a different type (upper case, lower case, numbers, special symbols) to define your password;
  • Never use a word known from the dictionary, his name, his first name, his date of birth, or those of his relatives …
  • Have passwords of at least 12 characters, if possible 16 characters;
  • The online tool to calculate the “strength” of a password:
  • Use mnemonic devices to make and remember such passwords easily:
  • phonetic: “I bought 3 CDs for one hundred euros this afternoon”: ght3CD% E7am;
  • first letter method: “One yours is better than two you will have”: 1tvmQ2tl’A.

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