Interactive Whiteboard Vs. Smartboard. Everything One Needs To Know!

Globally, modern technology and learning are gaining traction. It has also infiltrated the educational sector with smartboards, interactive whiteboards, and E-learning tools. No doubt, smartboards are becoming incredibly popular in education, business events, and other large group conversations. It is due to their incredible adaptability, productivity, and simplicity of use!

An interactive whiteboard also referred to as an Interactive Smartboard, is a big interactive display that takes the shape of a traditional whiteboard. It can be a separate touchscreen device used to do functions and tasks independently. For example, it can be an attachable device used as a touchpad to operate a projector system. The term “smart board” is frequently heard, but what is the distinction between smartboards and interactive whiteboards? Continue reading to find the solution to all of the queries!

What are Smart Boards?

SMARTboards are a type of interactive whiteboard. It is a device that displays images from a computer monitor using a digital projector. The presenter and attendees can engage with the graphics on the screen directly with a device or even their fingers. In addition, one can access the data from all around the globe by connecting a computer to the internet or a web server.

Concept of an Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards allow students and faculty to engage with content, programs, annotation devices, and other elements on a whiteboard. The phrase “interactive whiteboard” refers to a broad category encompassing SMARTboards and other brands and technologies that allow students and teachers to participate in education. Interactive display boards can also be used as a huge projection screen, presenting enormous, full-color images and clips with the students.

The distinction between an interactive whiteboard and a Smartboard

An interactive whiteboard can be used to communicate with a computer. Its material can be saved for future access. Both smartboards and interactive whiteboards can operate computers. The main distinction is in the programming. The technology firm SMART Technology created a smartboard. In contrast, the term interactive whiteboard refers to a variety of interactive whiteboard systems.

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Some of the similarities between the two are listed below;


Both provide an alternative to the regular chalkboards or dry-erase boards commonly utilized in classrooms. However, both of these programs provide a high level of interactivity.

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Access to the Internet

Both can connect to a computer and so provide access to the internet. As a result, one can browse internet resources, participate in video chats and virtual meetings, and do various other things.


Both have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Below are some significant differences;

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Image Resolution and Clarity

The first distinction is in image quality. It can range from one model to the next and even among versions from the same manufacturer.

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Writing Instruments

Teachers and students can write on smartboards with the supplied pen, fingertip, or other classroom items.

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Final Words

Teachers can utilize smartboards and interactive whiteboards to assist their students in discovering new skills and participating in a session. These tools have the potential to bring education to life for kids. Both may be extremely useful learning aids. Choosing among the two is influenced by money, the courses taught, and the use of the equipment!

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