Installing Spy Cameras And Setting Up A Hidden Diversion Safe

Misconduct may occur anytime in blind spots or places where no security cameras are mounted. That’s why it would be a great hint to keep them for higher chances of holding folks with wicked intentions. But of course, we can’t fix them in the washroom because this is a private space and we have the right to indict whoever records us here.

That’s why we must utilize sorts of concealment strategies when we’re planning to secretly record videos with sounds. We just need to select a hidden safe at home and a spot where unwanted acts might transpire. This is an ideal way to prevent delinquencies, avert misdemeanors, collect pieces of evidence, and expose abuses.

By setting up your tool on a book, wall clock, shelf, oil diffuser, television, picture frame, etc., you’ll likely capture significant events. We use these matters to mask our intent of monitoring what’s happening behind our backs. The walls of our homes are witnesses to every circumstance but they can’t speak, so it would benefit us to have these devices.

How to Install

CCTVs are common in residential areas due to their affordable price, so a lot of homeowners coped to mount indoors at outdoors. It’s been used for added security because of theft and other crime-related circumstances.

Some of you may be proficient in setting up the device. But without familiarity, it’s best to leave this task to the providers.

Pick a Spot

Where would you like to set the gadget? What you’d like to observe must be covered within the range of the camera. If it’s in the living room, then pick a secret safe.

It might be on top of the television, AC system, lamp, ceiling, etc – you may visit for other spots. Make sure that nothing will obstruct the lens. You need to get the precise angle, too.

Sound Quality

Remember that you’re recording with audio. Therefore, we have to eliminate televisions and radios as our disguise. Place the gadget on the opposite side of objects that produces noise.

In this way, we can acquire a clear pick up of any conversation. It would be nice to have an excellent output with quality video and audio.


Your setting must look natural so it shouldn’t catch attention. Pick a mask where your target won’t be fascinated. In this way, he’ll not find your secret camera so protect it by all means.

Don’t forget that the lens must be within eye level. With this, you can get a good view of the footage.


Some cameras have night vision features, while others don’t. Therefore, we have to consider if it’s required to enhance the lighting system. This greatly affects the clarity of videos, so check the specifications and requirements.

When the brightness is necessary, the lens must look away from your source of light. Your target should have an ample amount of brightness. With this, the audiovisual will look well.


Be very sure that they won’t see the apparatus. This is why it has to be small and can’t be noticed. When it’s tiny and in an inconspicuous spot, your target won’t even suspect that he is being watched.

Again, use common stuff as your concealment object. The lens must be designed to fit those ordinary and plain things you can find at home. Something unusual would lead to suspicion so don’t think about using them as a disguise.


Make sure you are linked to the Internet. These are wireless gadgets and you can watch what’s currently happening with a strong connection. Thus, choose a tool with Bluetooth or WiFi features – read here to learn how to link.

To assure that you won’t fail to connect to a network, select a hidden safe near your router. Your camera could be on the computer table, vase, or figurines.

Testing and Maintenance

You’ll need to test if this is working after the installation. Through this, you can figure out if the video and audio systems are functioning properly, or check their quality. It’s also a way to inspect the coverage of your lens.

There’s usually a battery in it and you have to change that when it’s running low. Some models come with built-in memory. Therefore, you must delete unnecessary recordings in that case, while others can be transferred online.

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