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How to Create a Custom Landing Page for a Guest Posting Website in WordPress

When starting your own blog, it is important to make a custom landing page for your guest posting website. You can promote it on social networks and use a form to collect submissions. A WordPress plugin will allow you to add a form to any post or page on your site. Here are some tips to get you started. Read on to learn how to start a successful guest posting website. In this article, you will learn how to start a guest posting website in WordPress.

Create a custom landing page for a guest posting website

How to Create a Custom Landing Page for a guest posting sites in WordPress? First, you’ll need a theme. In most cases, theme developers will use a free WordPress theme. However, if you want to customize the theme, you can do so. To do so, follow these steps. If you’re using a premium theme, you can also find free WordPress themes.

Once you’ve installed the free theme you want for your WordPress site, it’s time to customize the design. The design of your landing page will depend on the theme you choose. Since WordPress themes come pre-built, your custom landing page may not be compatible with another theme. Another option is to search for an existing WordPress theme. You can also browse the Theme Isle One-Page WordPress Themes directory to find a theme that fits your niche and industry.

Track its success

There are a number of ways to track the success of a guest posting website in your WordPress dashboard. Using the Google Search Console is one way to monitor SEO progress, but the results don’t always show up immediately. Whether you have submitted your website to the search engine or not, tracking the performance of each article is crucial. Google is notorious for penalizing websites with spammy practices, so make sure that you follow its guidelines.

Before you start submitting articles to guest posting websites, find the best 2022 guest posting website and you must research them. Do not post on sites that are on subdomains, as this will not provide the same strength in backlinks. Instead, target sites that have high Domain Authority and a higher monthly site visitor count. The higher the Domain Authority, the more potential you have of receiving quality backlinks. Secondly, target sites with a specific audience. These sites will give you more readers, so you should focus on them when choosing guest posting websites.

Use a plugin to allow users to submit posts

You can allow users to submit posts on your WordPress website. You can also enable CAPTCHA on the settings page of your plugin. A User Submitted Posts plugin can help you achieve these goals. This plugin is a free plugin that will let users submit posts. It also allows users to create a profile and submit information. You can use this plugin to add a community to your site. Getting started with the plugin is easy.

The user can set up a featured image and attach files to their posts. In addition, a post can have multiple featured images. Users can choose the categories they wish to post to. You can limit the number of pages the user can upload. The user can also customize the message that they send to the administrator. Lastly, the plugin lets you restrict the number of images that users can upload so that only specific types are displayed.

Write a bio

Your bio should introduce yourself, your company, and your mission. If you write for a guest posting website with a human touch, you can use the power of storytelling to connect with your readers and build their trust. As a general rule, don’t use clever language because it slows down the reading process. Use simple, straightforward language to introduce yourself and your company. This will increase your chances of getting new subscribers and increase your site’s SEO rankings.


As a guest poster, you’ll be writing for a site that wants to build brand awareness and get new prospects to your website. Your bio is a bridge from the post to your website. Having a dull or blah bio won’t engage the reader and compel them to visit your website. However, a well-written bio will draw people’s attention and make them want to learn more.

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