How – and why – to measure candidate skills effectively

Employee skills assessment has gained a prominent place in the recruiting process. Every recruiter worth their salt partakes in pre-employment skills testing. And that’s why good candidate skills testing software is an extremely important tool for staffing agencies.

There is a wide assortment of skills tests that recruiters can choose from to evaluate their candidates. The benefits of assessing applicants during the hiring process and then selecting the final candidate based on the test results are varied and many.

How effective is a skills assessment software?

Staffing agencies and their recruiters have a lot to gain from utilising this software. It helps to optimise the hiring process – making it quick, efficient, and effective.

After all, recruitment is a competitive sector. Hiring companies want the most skilled candidates. Recruiters have the pressure of delivering quality candidates in record time and doing so faster than their competitors.

Companies need to test candidate knowledge and ability before hiring them to ensure that the client company is getting the best and most qualified job seeker for their organisation. Everyone wants the best candidate in the market.

Skills tests also help remove the problem of candidate skills exaggeration. This is where individuals inflate their talent and accomplishment to impress their prospective employer. CVs, cover letters and interviews do not provide a comprehensive look and understanding of an applicant’s skills and experience level.

In the past couple of years, recruiters saw a sudden influx of candidates which presented its own set of challenges. Using an employment skills testing software supported a quicker recruitment process because it helps filter the applicants and highlight the ones who have the appropriate talents.

Many staffing agencies have to deal with mass volume recruiting. This is often accompanied by the need to do the work quickly. Once again, finding the top talent from the flood of applications is more effective and efficiently done by using the skills testing software system.

Online skills testing and measuring candidate skills effectively

Proactive recruiters are already aware of how online skills assessments make everyone’s life easier.

Investing in an online skills testing software has much to offer for the agency. The recruiters can reduce admin time and complete their work quicker. They have a competitive edge over their peers who do not utilise the candidate assessment system, much less one that can be done online.

For candidates, it is easier and convenient to sit for skills tests from the comfort of their homes or when they have time to spare while commuting.

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Hiring companies can refer to the test results to better understand their candidates. The results from the tests highlight both individual performance as well as how they fared in a group. This helps the employers make informed decisions in the end.

The online tests are many and suitable for a variety of sectors. Recruiters can turn to literacy skills tests to assess candidates whose jobs will require them to have good grammar and spelling skills. Similarly, numeracy skills tests are for those who must have a way with numbers. Office-based roles need candidates who have a good understanding and ability to use the MS Office suite of applications. That’s why Microsoft Office skills tests help recruiters to check how comfortable the applicants are with these tools.

Finally, psychometric testing is useful for all industries and all roles because it evaluates an individual’s communication and problem-solving skills along with leadership and critical thinking abilities. Cultural fit is very important to many businesses. This skills test supports the endeavour to find employees who fit the existing company culture better.

Modern recruitment agencies are acknowledging the necessity of a good online skills testing software. It is as important as having a smart recruitment software to amplify better hiring practices.

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