Hiring a divorce attorney in Wisconsin: Check these pointers

There are three professionals you must consult before initiating divorce proceedings in Wisconsin – a tax consultant, your CPA, and a divorce lawyer. We all have heard of people who have managed to finalize their divorce without a lawyer. A DIY divorce may sound like an exciting, cost-saving adventure, but mistakes could be expensive. If you are looking for a divorce attorney Wisconsin, we have some pointers below for help. 

When you definitely need a lawyer

While you can file for divorce immediately on your own, you should consult an attorney if – 

  1. Your spouse is unlikely to agree to the divorce
  2. You have considerable assets
  3. You own a business
  4. You are expecting a custody battle
  5. You need alimony

Lawyers have years of experience working on the divorce case. You may feel that your circumstances are different, but the chances are high that your lawyer has handled many similar cases. No matter who you lean on, don’t trust anyone than a family lawyer for your divorce-related questions. A good lawyer will explain all your legal options and work on the strategy to defend your interests. 

How much do divorce lawyers charge?

All family lawyers in Wisconsin work at an hourly rate. However, in some circumstances, a lawyer may take a flat fee, especially if the divorce is a simple one with no complications. You can ask the lawyer for a ballpark. 

What can a divorce lawyer do for you?

The role of a divorce lawyer is often undermined. An attorney can –

  1. Advise you on your rights
  2. Guide you on the dos and don’ts to follow during the divorce
  3. Advise you on protecting exempt assets
  4. Handle the paperwork of the case
  5. Take care of legal formalities 

You need a divorce lawyer for mediation

If you and your spouse are at loggerheads, you should consider getting a divorce lawyer to sort out key issues. Mediation and communication become easier when two lawyers are speaking. Your lawyer can ensure that your side is presented well, and they will negotiate with your spouse’s lawyer to ensure that you don’t settle for less.

How to find a good lawyer?

There are many websites that have listings of local divorce lawyers. You can check Nolo and Justia, among others. Also, if you know people who have filed for divorce in recent times, you can ask for references too. 

Always meet a lawyer in person for your divorce matters. It is important to ensure that you share a good rapport with your attorney. 

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