Email Marketing Best Practices: How to Increase Open Rate

Search engine optimization (SEO) is typically known as one of today’s oldest digital marketing tactics. Of the many SEO tactics, email marketing and outreach would be considered the oldest SEO solutions. It’s enough for many people to forego the use of email outreach to try for a more modern approach. That said, it’s often better to look into email marketing services alongside modern tactics to make the most out of the situation.

While it’s understandable for business owners to neglect email outreach, there’s no denying that it is still a highly effective tool for those that know how to use it. For those that want to learn how best to utilize email marketing practices, it’s vital to learn about open rate — the rate at which online users click on the company’s email. So how does one convince online users to click on the company’s email outreach? Here are a few best-practice methods to increase the open rate.

  • Hire the right email marketing services for your company

First and foremost, one of the most vital parts of increasing the open rate would be to hire the correct professional services to get the job done. Email outreach is not something that every service can handle effectively, which is why it’s crucial to research the various services available.

One of the best-practice methods when looking for such a company would be to opt for local services. While professionals abroad are undoubtedly skilled, local SEO services are not only better-poised for marketing, but they will also cause fewer problems overall with time zones.

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  • Matters of timing

Some would say that there’s no need to worry about timing with emails, as people will check their inbox whenever they want. However, there’s a reason why you don’t disturb anyone in the wee hours of the morning — they’ll be far less likely to click on something if they happen to receive an email too early. They will probably delete it as email outreach at the wrong time will be seen as spam.

Marketing, in general, is all about timing, which is why the same thing applies to emails. Those that want to increase their open rate would do well to figure out the optimal times to send certain emails.

  • A clear message can get the job done

While there is undoubtedly a place for flowery words, it can cause problems for those looking to utilize email outreach. Instead of messing about and delivering a message that is hard to understand, it’s much better to get straight to the point, as online users can appreciate a business that respects their time.

However, just because getting straight to the point is ideal does not mean that the message should be robotic. There are ways to make the message more conversational and personal while simultaneously keeping it short and sweet, which is why professional services are recommended.

  • The importance of tweaking

No matter how effective the email marketing strategy is, it will not last. It’s crucial to continue tweaking the marketing strategy based on the results, using relevant analytics to ensure that the message continues to reach the right people.

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After all, if the same strategy worked every time, there would be no need for any business to learn marketing methods. Such is the reason why search engine optimization and other tactics are needed alongside email outreach to ensure that the company’s marketing methods are as airtight as possible.


Increasing the open rate of email outreach involves keeping things personal and to the point while simultaneously making changes based on relevant analytics. It’s a tactic that shifts with the times, which is often why company owners have such a challenging time getting the job done.

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