Dating websites will help you to run into Russian mail order brides

Discover the features and history of the “Russian mail order brides” expression. See for yourself that this classic designation has perfectly adapted to modern realities. It makes it much easier to find a soulmate with the help of today’s popular dating sites.

Russian Mail Order Brides: Find a Soulmate Due to the Updated Classic Way

Russian mail order brides sign up to be listed in special catalogs or websites, allowing them to be connected with potential husbands from around the world. These women usually connect with possible spouses via different ways of communication. Generally, the process involves the potential husband sending a fee to the bride’s home country to cover travel costs. Then the bride travels to her fiance’s native state to marry him. Such solutions are greatly widespread among those people who are desperate to find a soulmate in their land.

Russian mail order brides do not lose their relevance

The advantages of Russian mail order brides may include finding a compatible partner from a different country, deepening cultural understanding, and having the potential to build a strong and stable relationship. Additionally, Russian mail order brides easily adjust to a new culture.

Men choose the above-mentioned solution for some reasons.

    • There’s a desire to find a beautiful partner from another part of the world.
    • There’s an urge to meet a lady who shares similar interests.
    • The necessity of companionship and support also belong to the essential reasons.
    • Such a solution is the easiest way to find the right person who will accept all the lifestyle peculiarities.

“Russian mail order brides” are rather an interesting phenomena that has exciting cultural roots.

Occurrence conditions 

It all started with the discovery of America and the mass migration of Europeans to the new mainland. The first colonies were all male so they had a demand for young and pretty Christian girls. They were looking for English ladies with the desire to move and literally start a new life by getting rid of class prejudices.

Mail brides in the 19th century 

The system of searching for brides in the Old World began to develop. A whole postal system was organized in the 19th century. Single men wrote letters to church or advertised in special newspapers. The future couple exchanged photographs and the lady traveled to the man via the ship. Perhaps, they were not exactly Russian mail order brides but the gist was the same.

Depiction in cinema

The stories of mail brides have been the subject of many films. The Temptation (2001) with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas in the lead roles is one of the most popular. It can be perceived more as a crime and detective drama than a film about love. The story is of an American woman who comes to her future husband in Cuba being a Russian mail order brides prototype. However, it turns out that he is not just a merchant but a rather wealthy person with an attractive appearance, so his bride Julia turns out to be much more beautiful and younger than on the photo card she sent him. Gradually it turns out that the girl is not at all the one she pretended to be. The real Julia was killed on a sea vessel and her place was taken by an actress with a criminal and dark past, who is not suitable for the role of a wife for a representative of the local nobility.

The situation in the 20th century 

Of course, the phenomenon of Russian mail order brides developed in specific regions due to the politics in a particular country. For example, many Greek girls went to America in the 1920s and 30s to marry their compatriots (after the Asia Minor catastrophe). They helped their relatives to survive in war-ravaged Greece and sent money as there were many ways to earn money in America, which was prosperous at that time. The concept of national unity is very important for the Greek men who preserved the traditions and culture of Orthodoxy in their families and formed a diaspora in a new place. 

Russian mail order brides of our days 

A lot of Russian mail order brides came to foreign countries after the collapse of the USSR. That is why the American media presented the concept as Russian. People today do not choose advertisements in newspapers and the search for a soulmate is carried out mainly through Internet resources. However, the very idea of Russian mail order brides is still alive. There are many sites where ladies share data about themselves, so those who want to get to know each other can choose the candidate they like.

The development of Internet communications makes contact among people much easier. For example, Datingserviceusa is a great solution for those men who are seeking Russian mail order brides. It helps to pick a reliable dating site to find a worthy person on the Internet who sincerely believes in love at a distance. The platform gives lots of tips on how to make international relationships more exciting. The number of female profiles on the mentioned sites that have a serious attitude is constantly growing so a man will surely be able to find decent matches for serious relationships.

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