Casting a marriage spell using hair

Spell casters casting a marriage spell using hair tend to get better results than with other love spells, even if they have very little experience in magic. However, to cast this spell, a number of requirements should be met. Today we’ll talk about the most important ones. Also, let us remind you that here on this blog you can find information about similar spells in case you want to try some to attract love and build a strong relationship. One of the best and highly rated spellcasters is Maxim over at who has decades of experience in casting marriage spells.

Everything you need to know about casting a marriage spell using hair

If you’re going to cast a marriage spell using hair, the hardest part is always figuring out a way to get some hairs of the person you love, especially if the ritual requires you to use a lock of hair rather than just a few hairs. There are several ways for you to do it. The first one is to pay your loved one’s hair stylist after he or she has a haircut. However, this is not the best option since no one should know about the spell you’re going to cast. So when you start preparing for your love spell, every time you visit your loved one’s place, collect the hairs from his or her hair brush. Keep the hair in a new clean envelope. After a while you should have enough hair to perform your love ritual.​

In theory, you can cut some hair by yourself while your loved one is sleeping. However, note that it’s not allowed to cut the hair if a person is drunk or high, as well as if a person is unconscious because of some illness. If you use such hair in a love ritual, all the current problems may get worse and your loved one will develop alcoholism, drug addiction, or the disease this person is suffering may become deadly.

Before collecting the hair, make sure your loved one isn’t suffering from depression or mental disorders, including mild ones. Spells must never be put on people who’re currently depressed or having any mental health problems. To find out why, read the other articles about spells and mental health available on this website.

However, even if your loved one has good mental and emotional health, not all hair is good for this love ritual. First and foremost, the hair needs to be healthy and have no split ends, as such rituals bring negative results and may act like a curse. Dyed hair can’t be used in love magic either, as only natural hair is allowed. Don’t forget about it, especially if you’re in love with a girl, because girls tend to change their hair color a lot.

Do not use straightened or curled hair, no matter what hair straightening or curling methods and techniques have been used, such as keratin straightening, straightening iron, hair curlers, etc.

According to some magic practitioners, if a love spell is to be put on a guy, body hair can be used as well, such as armpit, chest, back and even pubic hair. However, the latter is good only for sex spells, while the others are useless because they have poor connection with the target’s mental body, so they can’t communicate the spell into the target’s conscious mind.

Keep the hair in a clean envelope or wrapped in an oblong piece of white natural cloth. Use red strings to tie them together to make what looks like a lock or magical candle wax by dripping some on one of the ends.

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