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For a long time, wholesale shapewear vendors have sold shapewear in natural, nude, pink and white colors. However, the moment the weather turns cool, the demand for black shapewear rises. At Waistdear, we have the most gorgeous black shapewear in stock. Right from wholesale waist trainers with logo to full bodysuits, you can easily lay your hands on the sexiest compression garments you want.

Black waist trainer

Waist trainers are incredibly famous. They fully transform your figure by slashing inches off your body and smoothing out your belly. Any girl would love the amatory black waist trainers. It will give you a completely different look and make you look pretty foxy.

Black mid-thigh shaper (low-waist)

You can be wrong with a mid-thigh shaper. They render the perfect duty to slim down your hips, bottom, thigh and belly while offering top-notch comfort. You can buy low-waist mid-thigh shapers in black and wear them under skits and low-waist jeans. They are efficient in slimming down your stomach and bottom and give you an amazing figure.

Black mid-thigh shaper (high-waist)

Women looking forward to slimming down their waistline, hips, thighs, butt and tummy should go for mid-thigh shapers (high waist). They render excellent service and gives you an incredible figure. Mid-thigh shapers offer firm and slim body. They are seamless and extremely comfortable to wear for long hours.

Black control briefs (low-waist)

If you need normal briefs with low compression at the tummy, then the beautiful black low-waist control briefs are perfect for you. They will suck your tummy bulge and give you a sleek and smooth figure. They offer firm slimming control and bring a good transformation to your tummy and butt.

Black control briefs (high-waist)

High-waist control briefs aren’t as unobtrusive as low-waist shapewear. They do wonders when it comes to shaping your body, especially around your waistline and stomach. If your trouser is tight on your waist, wear one of these high-waist control briefs and you can easily pull them off. They make you super slim by sucking everything in.

Black bodysuits

Well, no Christmas part is complete without your ideal dress. If you have chosen a LBD for a Christmas party, then you need nothing other than a black shapewear bodysuit below it. It will make you slimmer, and give an incredible smooth line under your attire. Do not forget, nothing is sexier than buying a black shapewear bodysuit. It offers high compression, great slimming control right from top to bottom. If your dress is strapless, then you have a wide range of bodysuit options available to make your selection.

You have two types of bodysuits, the ones with bra and the ones without bra. Make your choice and then go for it.

Choose amatory black shapewear for you

Well, nothing is more amazing than getting amatory, cheap shapewear for you. Well, they do exist and you can buy them at Check out the collection online and you will literally fall in love with all of them.

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