Beneficial Tips to Buy Retractable Fly Screens

The retractable screens not only prevent dust and flies from entering your home space, but also enhance the décor of your rooms. The most beneficial feature of retractable screens is that they can be installed on windows and doors without any problem. They aren’t fixed fully thus can be opened fully or partially as per the preference.

How does the retractable screen work?

They are the roll of mesh consoled in a cassette similar to a roller blind. A spring-like tube is fixed with the mesh to ease the rolling and unrolling of the window screen. They don’t take much space, thus suitable to be installed in compact houses as well. The screens can be fixed horizontally or vertically as per your convenience. A good-quality screen moves in the cassette with ease.

Any expert installer of the retractable fly screens would suggest you buy from a reliable source to avoid maintenance problems. You can have the screens from Premier Screens ltd as you need not worry about the screens quality or its functioning.

More about retractable fly screens:

  • They are made of PVC-coated fibre glass. It is even known as nylon mesh. The material isn’t easily corroded, rust and doesn’t stain.
  • It can be installed over any windows, bi-fold doors, sliding doors, stacked doors and French doors.
  • The roll away or roll up of the screens are the most likeable features that make them easier to use even by small children.
  • The cost of the screens depends upon the quality of the material and the size of the screen.
  • They can be seamlessly installed on your home windows and doors. They won’t appear awkward and would look awesome if their colour blends well with rest of the home décor.
  • They are long-lasting and can withstand extreme climatic conditions for many years.

However, need to maintain the screens well to reap their benefits for long. Otherwise, there are high chance of the screens getting damaged.

Ways to maintain the retractable fly screens:

  • The use of duster designed to clean furniture is the most appropriate tool.
  • Vacuum cleaning monthly twice will help to remove the dust accumulated on the screen.
  • The frame and tracks of the screen need to be cleaned every few months. You can vacuum or clean with a soft damp cotton cloth to sweep the dirt, dust seeped into the frames. The soft nozzle attachment having pointed tips of the vacuum cleaner would be the best appliance to clean every part of the screen.
  • Any harder brush or scrubber can spoil the screen finishing. Even harsh cleaning solutions shouldn’t be fit to clean the screens.

Retractable screens are the best solution to prevent flies from entering home. The screens are durable and available in varied colours to boost the interior décor attractiveness of the rooms. They are made of different kinds of materials thus the cost price also varies. All you need to do is buy the best retractable screen in the right measurements from trustable source like Premier Screen Ltd.



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