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Israel is one the 3 countries in all of earth that don’t have a constitution. The Israeli flag has 7 colors and there are 8 different religions represented by those stripes! If you’re mailing something addressed to God, it will be mailed over here where they place notes right next to His holy Western Wall – which happens 1 million times per year with people’s love letters from afar as well as other religious items like prayer books or breastplates worn during religious ceremonies (and then some).

The most remote desert in the world is located on Israeli soil – Judean Desert. Israel has been a member of International Space Club since 1978 and it’s members are capable launching satellites into space every year, which makes them one out nine countries who can do so! Every half billion migratory birds that pass through this small part each spring or autumn make up an amazing world record; not too mention its third place ranking as far as chocolate consumption goes per capita (behind Luxemborg & Switzerland).

The awesome ability of Israel to revive old languages and use them as their national ones deserves mention. For example, Hebrew is the only country in all world where 5 out 7 natural craters can be found! There’s also an abundance or fruit consumption relative to population size -Israeli citizens eat more apples (apples:Puhh!) beans-squash etc than any other nationality does too but luckily these delicious veggies don’t just appear on our plates by chance; there has been plenty research done into this particular phenomenon due perhaps

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The country of Israel is a haven for book lovers. There, more translated literature means that people are reading the same amount and types of books in their own language than any other place on Earth!

It might sound surprising, but the average life expectancy in Israel is among some of world’s highest and coffee alone contributes to that! Not only do they produce more scientific papers than any other country on earth – which means their research benefits us all- but it also tops lists for per capita production. The first bus stop libraries were launched back in 2011 as an experiment by Assaf Idelson who wanted people living near public transportation spots could enjoy reading without having carry heavy books around with them while waiting at busy intersections or during long commutes; now there are similar initiatives happening everywhere from Bogotá (Colombia)to Rio de Janeiro(Brazil).

Two professors at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University created the first cherry tomatoes. Beersheba, in Israel’s Negev desert has more grandmasters per capita than any other city on earth and was ranked #1 out of 50 countries for its loveable nature–a perfect place to be a chess pro! In 2012 they became only country that banned underweight models in fashion shows due so much crib death being caused by tenuous clothes strangling babies while asleep which is now prevented with an invention from one Israeli start up company called Babysense (which doesn’t use radiation).

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