He is back in full swing !! We have been waiting a long time for an album !!! The new album comes with 15 solid tracks. YUNGWORLD JUAN Laughing on the street brings life to reality. Pairing up with her partners Jordan and Steve, who are “legal trouble”! They have an album for everyone, not just on the streets. We reached out to Yungworld JUAN for an interview, but we’re still waiting to hear back! Make sure you are tuned in !!! His success is definitely something to watch !!!

Music + with anything works.

Many programs are mixed with Drama and Music, resulting in ratings rising, people wanting to see the content, people remember, for example, the programs “Secret Voice Catch Mike” and “La Banda,” which are programs Singing Contest that tries to add more drama To have a story (Story) in every tape.

Another case study is considered a successful music combination. And trendy is the case of The Mask Single, which is not only good TV ratings. But there is still a powerful trend in the online world. And when the ratings are good, Having the right target group, IPG’s team, therefore, presents a roadmap to the Vita brand by making it Video Content to catch the trend at that time. which is at the end of the first season, and the durian mask black crow mask is getting a lot of attention.

The concept of this Video Content series is to present Product Benefits in terms of eyesight. With the black crow mask as the storyline, which is a drink that is a food supplement, Claims on Product Benefits that are broadcast are complicated and require something like this. To make it clear what this product helps in, this video content set can generate 1 million views within 24 hours.

Another case study about the product benefit brand and wants to do Music Content is the Hiruscar brand. Two products must be used together: anti-acne to cure acne and post-acne to treat redness after acne disappears. It is, therefore, the origin of the making of Music Content that wants to tell the message “Yup-Jang” and the media to the Gen Z group to recognize that they must be used together and have tried to make an MV which is sung and performed by “Ben Ch Goodbye” and attracts the audience who are Gen Z.

These are examples of what Music Content can do in a variety of ways. And able to reach Gen Z, but to use Music Content successfully, it is essential to lay down a Strategy Roadmap. It has to be considered from the subject of the product how to change the selling method. To be able to sell in pairs And how to make the music speak clearly about Product Benefit?

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