What You Need to Know About Staying in Oakland

Oakland is an incredible city that will pleasantly surprise and excite anyone who visits.  From beautiful oceanside views to a thriving music scene and delicious food, once you’ve stopped in Oakland, you won’t want to leave.

These are some of the best perks the city offers and just a small sampling of why Oakland is one of the most incredible cities in the USA.  

It’s Expensive!

Sticker shock is a way of life in Oakland.  Those looking to shop for Oakland houses for sale know that prices in the region are steep.  A lot of this is because of the large population, but it also has to do with the area’s proximity to the county’s tech hub, as well as entertainment options, delicious food, and gorgeous beaches.

You should definitely visit if you can afford it; if you can’t, it’s still worth saving up for, but it might take some time.

There’s A Unique Culture Here

When the rap wars kicked off because of the East and West coast differences, Oakland was the national stand-in for the entire West Coast.  Its rap style focuses on creative turns of phrases and sounds that normally wouldn’t go onto a rap or hip-hop album.

That clever twist shows through in most of this city’s other centuries and makes it into the must-stop town that it is today.

The Sports Teams Matter

Oakland cares about its sports teams and is very vocal in support of its athletes.  Any local games that happen nearly immediately have tickets sold out.  Although most people who buy the tickets are local, many will fly in to watch games if they’re between their favorite teams.

There’s nothing as incredible as getting to be in the stadiums when the fans are losing their minds and shouting and cheering: it’s an experience every visitor should try at least once!

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The Trade Center of San Francisco

Oakland is the trade center for San Francisco and is the fifth largest trading port in the United States.  Because of that, it’s heavily populated. dock construction near me helps many locals will go to see the ships come and go from the dock while they’re on their break or taking a breather.

This allows the area to have new items sooner, ranging from technology to clothing and other goods, which has given the area a reputation for being trendy or popular.  

It Has Its Own Lake Monster

If you’ve heard of the Loch Ness monster, wait until you hear about the Oak-ness monster!  This mythological creature supposedly lives in Lake Merritt and is also called the Merritt Monster.

Many will say they see a creature swimming in the water or that they’ve heard weird noises coming from the area, but most believe it’s just a fun, quirky myth that was made up to scare children.  Either way, the site has leaned into it and plays along with the joke as though it’s real!

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