What to Look for When Considering the Best Knapsack Sprayer Choice

A farmer needs a sprayer. The market has many sprayers – some are manual. This article highlights the features of the motorized sprayer, a gadget that makes spraying more effective. It is efficient, and a farmer needs to know how to select one when buying.


Technological development is the buzzword everywhere. On the farm, it seems to be an answer to higher yield. Farm work embraces more technology, and the need to spray inputs like fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides increases. The expansion of farmlands and the drive for more outputs and animal numbers make it necessary to use motorized sprayers.

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Spraying a large piece of land needs and large animal herds is not an easy job for a manual pump. A motorized one will be the thing. Since farmland is increasing by the day due to higher demand for food, farmers must buy motorized sprayers. The sprayers come at higher prices, but they are a necessity. Consider the following features when buying a new sprayer.


It is an operator-carried reservoir that disperses liquid under pressure through a hand-held nozzle. An engine at the base of the container produces pressure.

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Tank capacity

The engine part has a compartment for fuel that runs the engine. The size of the tank will determine the spraying period before refill. Some tanks have a capacity of 1.1 liters. There are engines with larger tanks, depending on the size of the sprayer. Consider the size of the fuel tank, but know that the larger the sprayer is, the more expensive it will be.

The standard power

How much spray the engine squirts out through the nozzle depends on the power source. Look for that information in the manual and on the engine part. Let this be the starting point inwhat to expect in a motorized knapsack  sprayer before buying it. Some spray engines produce 0.7 kW power. It is adequate for many spraying tasks. However, the higher the power, the more work it can do. Again, as the engine power increases, so does the price of the sprayer.

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Spray amount

The engine power determines the amount of liquid a sprayer will discharge in a given time. Although the spray nozzle, which is hand-controlled, releases the ultimate discharge. What to look for in a motorized knapsack sprayer is not complete without considering the spray capacity. The engine with 0.7 kW power can spray 8 liters of fluid per minute. But many sprayers can perform better.


The market has both cheap and expensive sprayers. The buyer’s budget determines what one picks. This article tells what to expect in a high-quality sprayer. Food and Agriculture Organizations ( FAO) have issued lengthy guidelines on how to buy a good sprayer. Potential buyers should read them. With or without the guidelines, do not buy a sprayer just because it is cheap. For more, check

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