Tech Tips For Work From Home

Undoubtedly, working from home means convenience in every aspect. Be it getting up early, reaching the office on time, returning late at night, the conflict of “what to wear today,” offline presentations, or anything else, the pandemic has given us relaxation from all these stringent rules and routines we were required to abide by before 2020.

But let us look at the other side of the picture. It has also forced us to become ‘tech-savvy’ and made us learn and understand technology like never before. Be it finding the best PDF editor or finding an app that will manage all your work; there is a lot to learn.

So here are a few basic tech-related tips that will help you work more productively from home:


Yes, the primary thing you need— after a laptop, of course—to work from home is a good wi-fi connection. Many people had wi-fi connections in their homes even before the pandemic, but the pandemic made it a compulsion for everyone.

For the people who installed a new one or even those who have an old one, ensure that it has a strong connection.

Desktop / laptop

Many companies provide laptops or desktops to their employees by themselves, and in some other companies, the employees have to buy their own devices. Either is the case; you need to have a well-operating system to work efficiently.

If you have a lot of online meetings, you need to have a good camera or webcam along with good audio equipment. These small things might not come to your notice, but they do matter a lot.

Keep your laptop away from your family

It might sound rude, but it is what it is. If your laptop is a public good at your home, you better be careful. Giving your laptop in the hands of your kids is not free from danger. If you want all your data, files, and presentations intact, you should make it a rule that your work laptop is only a ‘work’ laptop and must not be used by anyone for any other purpose.

Learn new things

Learning never stops, not at any age, and especially when it comes to technology, learning can never be enough. Every day so many things change in the world of tech that there is some new software or tool that will help you work faster and efficiently. So, keep your eyes and ears open, and keep learning.

For example, you can learn about software that can convert PDF to Word. There are applications where you can set reminders, prepare a to-do list, etcetera, that is, applications that help you to work more effectively.


Be it simply attending a meeting with colleagues or preparing a complex presentation with the use of higher tools and software; we have learned and come a long way. With all the noise coming from the background in your house, it is indeed difficult at times to concentrate. But knowing the right process and with the correct approach, you make working from home a lot easier.

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