Making the Necessary Preparations Before Closing

When you finally sell your home, it can feel like stress is slipping away.  Unfortunately, simply finding a buyer isn’t the end of the process.  If you’re heading towards closing a sale, and you’ve got your seller closing costs calculator worn out from figuring out your expenses: here are the final steps you’ll have to take.

Gather All Documents Necessary

Any bit of information about the property needs to be gathered in one place.  This means information on warranties on the appliances, when your roof was replaced, the deed, and anything else the buyer will need.  If you purchased anything for the home and it may still be within warranty, include the receipt and any information possible with the item so that they can seek help if it doesn’t work.

Clean The Home Thoroughly

Although you don’t legally have to do this, it’s often expected of you to deep clean the home so that it will be ready for whoever is moving in next.  This is a step you should have done before listing the house, but if not, it’s not too late.  Scrub from the top to the bottom of the home, sweep, mop, vacuum, and deep clean the carpets if you can.  This ensures they’ll be able to move in smoothly, and you can know that you gave them the home without leaving any mess behind.

Put Through Change of Address

There’s no reason for them to keep receiving your mail after you’ve left. So instead, try to put through your change of address forms as soon as possible.  This will ensure that you don’t have to stop by to pick up anything and that nothing important accidentally gets routed to this home.  You can do this either directly through USPS’s website (where it costs a dollar to finalize) or by going into your local post office.

It would be best if you also took this time to change your address on everything from credit card bills to shipping sites to ensure that there’s no confusion or mailing mixup.

Notify Important People In Your Life

Let those who matter in your life know that you’re moving.  Notify family, friends, and your job, about your change of address.  Doing so will keep loved ones from accidentally showing up and surprising the new homeowners and will allow you to schedule a housewarming party for yourself at your new address.

You don’t have to tell everyone your new address unless they need to know it; make it clear that you no longer live at this house.

Cancel or Move Your Utilities and Insurance

We put a lot into our homes and have a lot of services tied directly to our address.  Be sure to take the time and cancel the utilities, from gas to internet, cancel your homeowner’s insurance, and cancel any recurring charges like lawn maintenance or housekeeping that you may have paid for.  Although you can keep these going at your new address, what matters for now is to get these canceled before the new owners move in.

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